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VANCOUVER, CANADA – Tochtech Technologies Inc., a Canadian technology company with a goal to enable a future where seniors can live independently for as long as they choose, announced today the launch of its voice-enriched remote care product, Tochie.

Tochie is a unique technology for aging in place. Studies have concluded that the human brain is more responsive to voice versus an audio alarm when it comes to responding to reminders. Tochtech’s latest voice-integrated product – Tochie - takes this one step further by enabling reminders to be personalized with a caregiver’s familiar voice.

“A familiar voice makes Tochie senior-friendly, which is especially important for seniors who may be less comfortable with technology or may be experiencing early cognitive decline,” says Jessica Yang, CEO of Tochtech. “Tochie has been designed and built with seniors in mind, so we have focused on simplicity of use. We see Tochie as a tool to enable better communication between seniors and caregivers. In a world where caregivers are so stretched, and senior isolation is a major issue, Tochie is able to bridge this gap,” says Yang.

Focusing on the benefits of voice technology and the concept of ‘keeping it simple’, Tochie enables caregivers to assist seniors with personalized voice reminders to help them stay on top of their medication or caregiver schedules, and daily tasks or appointments. Caregivers are able to assist with a senior’s daily calendar by remotely recording voice reminders and scheduling these reminders to play when needed. The remote scheduling, done through the Tochie mobile app, offers caregivers convenience when setting up and modifying reminders for their loved ones. An instant message feature allows caregivers to send an immediate voice message to the senior - a spontaneous message of encouragement, or an update on an unplanned change in schedule.

Tochie is available for purchase online and soon at a number of home health retailers throughout Canada.

Tochtech Technologies also produces Smarturns, a first in-class kitchen safety product and Vericare, a smart care, sensor-based, AI platform that notifies caregivers of potential safety and health concerns of a senior.


Tochtech Technologies is a digital healthcare company whose mission is to build smart, cost effective senior care solutions that offer caregivers peace of mind while enabling seniors to live healthier and safer lives. Tochtech’s philosophy centres around the use of technology to eliminate the risk and sense of disconnect for seniors, especially those living independently. Tochtech has developed first in-class solutions in the areas of stove safety, voice integrated personal aides and a risk predictive smart care platform. Using voice integration, AI and proprietary algorithms, these products enable caregivers to provide proactive, personalized care, extending older adults’ ability to live a healthy and longer life.  Tochtech was founded in 2014.

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Monday, April 15, 2019