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Top Senior Care Providers tapped for Inaugural "Innovation Roundtable"

CHICAGO, June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Maplewood Senior Living's Vice President of Health and Wellness, Brian Geyser, APRN-BC, MSN, was recently tapped by Lincoln Healthcare Leadership (LHL) - an organization dedicated to fostering innovation in senior living, long-term care, and home care - for inclusion in their newest symposium known as the Innovation Roundtable. The event took place in Chicago at LHL's HI2 Conference and brought together a hand-selected group of industry leading executives, representing the most forward-thinking companies in the senior living, home care, and skilled nursing sectors, for a first-of-its-kind Post-Acute Innovation Summit.

Brian Geyser, Vice President of Health and Wellness, Maplewood Senior Living

The cross-sector group boasted an all-star lineup of gamechangers in the industry who met with the highly accomplished Vin Gupta, MD, former Chief Medical Officer for New Product Design at Amazon, and current Chief Medical Officer for Amazon Pharmacy.

The main goal of the summit is to bring executives from the post-acute space together with top leaders from big tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple to explore opportunities and address challenges in caring for our fast growing older adult population. The hope is that forums like this can help drive innovation; attract cutting-edge technology; forge partnerships with leading technology companies; and accelerate transformative opportunities for positive, scalable, and sustainable change. Dialogue explored the complexities of the post-acute continuum, spanning home care, home health, skilled nursing facilities, independent living communities, assisted living, memory care, and hospice.

"The event served as an unparalleled opportunity to interact with other colleagues from senior living, skilled nursing, and home care, along with a highly influential voice in health tech," Geyser noted. "These meetings will allow us to educate technology thought leaders about the challenges and opportunities in the post-acute continuum."  

Among the critical takeaways were the need to further the implementation of ambient AI technologies in senior living residences, such as Inspiren's AUGi (an AI-enabled fall prevention and "care assistant" technology currently in use at Maplewood's Inspīr Carnegie Hill property in Manhattan; Maplewood at Stony Hill in Connecticut; and soon Inspīr Embassy Row in Washington, D.C., which is opening in 2024. Technologies like AUGi hold the promise to transform the understanding of resident and staff behavior, enhance diagnostics, and improve health outcomes. The group also touched on the challenges within senior care, especially for the growing 65-plus population, highlighting the potential role of big tech in addressing these issues.

For his part, Geyser is looking forward to continuing his innovation work at Maplewood, where they are experimenting with initiatives like evidence-based, tech enabled 'bio-experiential rooms,' robot-assisted geriatric consults with Cleveland Clinic, and onsite fully integrated geriatric-focused primary care with Nuvance Health.

"We are honored to be part of the Innovation Roundtable, which, like Maplewood, is dedicated to driving innovation and creating meaningful solutions that enhance the lives of our residents and the broader senior living and senior care community," said Geyser.

The Innovation Roundtable will convene two times per year with the next meeting scheduled for early 2024.

About Maplewood Senior Living:

Maplewood Senior Living is a leading provider of senior living communities, offering exceptional independent living, assisted living, memory care, and respite care services. With a commitment to resident well-being, innovative programming, and high-quality care, Maplewood Senior Living sets the standard for excellence in senior living.

Friday, June 23, 2023