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Trelawear with their partner FallCall Solutions Launches First Bluetooth Jewelry Inspired Emergency Response System compatible with Apple Watch and iPhone

Today Trelawear® Inc. launched their first jewelry inspired Bluetooth personal emergency response pendants that de-stigmatize wearing an emergency alert device. The company is partnering with FallCall Solutions to pair the pendants with a convenient personal emergency response system (PERS) accessed on a users’ mobile device. Trelawear customers will be able to connect to FallCall® Detect, a PERS app with smart fall technology available on Apple Watch®, or FallCall Lite, a PERS app available on Apple Watch and iPhone®.

Available for purchase first on, the collection will shortly roll out to, and, among other affiliate partners. Trelawear pendants will also be part of the AARP Rewards program this spring and available for members to redeem points toward their purchase.

“Staying connected has never been as important as it is today, and our new Trelawear Bluetooth collection provides an industry breakthrough offering our clients a beautiful, discreet solution that fits their active lifestyles,” said Mara Perlmutter, Trelawear Founder & CEO.

Trelawear pendants can be easily removed from the chain, allowing women to customize them with pearls, beads, or even attach them to their favorite belt or handbag.

“We encourage women to have fun styling and wearing our devices, even though we are providing a serious safety need,” continued Perlmutter.

Unlike traditional PERS devices, no extra equipment is required and no lengthy setup process is needed to activate and use a Trelawear pendant, as the devices easily pair directly through the FallCall Solutions’ apps available on the Apple App Store®.

Trelawear provides a solution to an underserved fashionable female demographic and offers the first viable option for adult children purchasing for their loved ones who own smartphones and are comfortable using Bluetooth with mobile apps.

“We found the right partner with FallCall Solutions who could provide a compatible Bluetooth app platform,” says Perlmutter. “They similarly believe in the importance of de-stigmatizing the wearing of a PERS device, appreciating that women of all ages want to look and feel beautiful while also feeling safe.”

FallCall Solutions Founder Dr. Shea Gregg agrees.

“Our vision when we first built FallCall was to change the narrative around PERS devices,” he says. “We have serviced thousands of Help Calls for our app users through mobile and wearable devices they already own. We partnered with Trelawear, a leader in the design and distribution of attractive, discreet PERS devices, to offer a beautiful, 100 percent brass pendant collection that provides a true breakthrough solution for our current and future clients.”

Trelawear Inc. Bluetooth devices will exclusively pair with FallCall and users can choose from one of two affordably priced subscriptions maintained through iTunes. At the entry priced tier($9.99), Trelawear triggered Help Calls will provide up to 5 Care Group members the location of the user. If the better priced tiered subscription is selected ($19.99), users can take advantage of FallCall’s integration with Mytrex: a 24/7 U.S. based personal emergency monitoring service with 30+ years of experience providing coordinated emergency response directed by certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs). Additionally, the monitoring service will send situational updates to Care Group members as an emergency event is unfolding.

About Trelawear:

Founded in 2016 by Mara Perlmutter, a seasoned senior executive in jewelry and fashion, Trelawear offers the first attractive discreet Bluetooth emergency response devices, providing safety with style solutions. Partnering with the best in the industry, they provide leading Bluetooth and RF technology, reliable real-time monitoring services, and exceptional jewelry design to create discreet options for women of all ages wanting to look beautiful while feeling safe and secure. To learn more visit

About FallCall Solutions:

FallCall Solutions was created by physicians with experience treating thousands of patients who sustained injuries due to falls. Even though some of their patients had traditional personal emergency response devices, many didn't use them. Combining their medical knowledge with advanced technology that is smart, simple and safe, they are dedicated to creating innovative and convenient safety solutions that empower Elders to live independent, active lifestyles.

Apple, iPhone, Apple Watch, and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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Trelawear, Inc.:
Mara Perlmutter
Phone: 914-393-8970

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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