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Video-Storytelling Startup Provides Free Access During COVID-19

Megilla, the video-storytelling platform designed to bridge generations and record treasured stories, announces they are making an early version of its platform free for everyone to connect with family and friends, in a deep and meaningful way, during the quarantine.

Megilla is a digital platform that makes recording and archiving family and personal video-histories as easy as possible.

Megilla highlighted features:

  • Question Library-- Access an extensive list (750+) of questions to help users get started in sharing their lifes story. Questions are broken down into multiple categories.
  • Build Your Own Questions-- Users can create their own questions and send to anyone as a prompt. This creates new dialogues between family and friends and is an easy way to connect.
  • Video Recording– Record videos directly through the platform by clicking a question. The platform automatically tags and classifies videos providing an organized archive.
  • Easy Tech Adoption For Older Adults-- Megilla is intentionally designed for older adults with a user-friendly interface and an intuitive, minimalistic design.
  • Privacy First – Megilla is created for families. Users are the sole owners of their videos. Unlike most media platforms, users have full control of who does or does not have access to content.
  • Short Videos-- Users record video-answers up to 3 minutes per question. Short content is easier to create, share, watch and preserve forever.

Storytelling is how we connect, learn and preserve our collective memory. Big stories like how did grandma and grandpa meet during the warto small stories like what really happened to my lost teddy bear when I was 5?We often forget to ask questions and stories get lost forever. I created Megilla so we never lose those stories and the precious link between generations is never lost,” said Nathan Firer, Founder and CEO of Megilla.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the loneliness of millions of older people,” said Dr. Scott A. Kaiser, Director of Geriatric Cognitive Health at the Pacific Brain Health Center and CIO for the Motion Picture & Television Fund.The risks of isolation have negative impacts on physical and mental health. The benefits of social connection—the antidote—are clear. Solutions, like Megilla, provide social connections and purpose are needed now more than ever.”

Storytelling is how we share family history, passing stories from one generation to the next,” said Lori Bitter, publisher of GRAND the digital magazine for grandparents, and author of The Grandparent Economy. Megilla created the perfect platform for collecting stories, from the provocative questions to encourage recollection and sharing, to the easy video interface. During this time we are separated from

children and grandchildren, these conversations and videos can sustain the critical bridge between generations and create a fun activity for us all!”

To learn more about Megilla or to start recording your stories go to https://megilla.com


About Megilla:

Megilla was founded in 2019 by Nathan Firer, who wanted to preserve memories for his children. Megilla was created to ensure that the link between generations will never be lost. Its video-storytelling platform was designed as an easy, affordable option for older adults and families to tell their life stories and create a meaningful intergenerational bridge. Megillas platform allows anyone to create, record, curate, and share their oral history for generations to come.

Monday, April 20, 2020


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