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Website Launch: Stay Connected With Free iPad Training Resources

YORK, PA, September 16, 2013  – Gen-Connect's website provides resources to help inexperienced technology users learn the iPad.  Co-founder Michael Potteiger was inspired when he taught his own grandmother and noticed the profound effect on her life.  It wasn't as easy as he first thought – he moved too fast, showed too much and overlooked basic concepts that were second nature to him.  Applying what he learned working with his grandmother and other beta users, Michael and his team created 25 "Getting Started" iPad video tutorials with corresponding step-by-step, photo-illustrated eBooks for the inexperienced technology user.  As encouragement to others to help a loved one embrace technology, all the training material is available for free on Generation Connect's website.

Everyone knows someone who can benefit from embracing technology.  Gen-Connect's training resources provide a framework for learning, but the commitment of a tech-savvy supporter is crucial to help with set up and introduction of key concepts.  Taking it a step further, new users require continued support via a "Pad Pal" – a friend or loved one who regularly engages a new user through the iPad to encourage consistent use, which often results in successful adoption.


Pad Pals make the Gen-Connect learning experience emotionally and intellectually rewarding for new adopters. Potteiger explains – "The iPad as a gift is a great first step to stay better connected with loved ones, but actually teaching them how to use it can be frustrating and challenging.  The Gen-Connect website is that missing piece because our training videos and printable guides allow new users to revisit foundational topics and reference step-by-step instructions."  Sister and co-founder, Nacole Potteiger, elaborates – "It's a game-changer when new adopters experience how easy it is to stay connected with friends and family on the iPad. Initial fear and resistance fade away, and they are excited to learn more!  That's why we strongly believe in the idea of Pad Pals because their support makes all the difference."

For free access to Gen-Connect's iPad training videos and eBooks, sign up at www.gen-connect.com.  If you know someone who could benefit from these "Getting Started" tutorials, sign them up, login together, and commit to being a Pad Pal.

About Generation Connect

The Generation Connect vision is to change the world one iPad at a time.  Until now technology has isolated generations, but with proper training and motivation, the iPad is the perfect vehicle to bridge the generation gap and help people "get connected."  Gen-Connect hosts monthly workshops and provides subject-specific curriculum for retirement communities, senior enrichment centers, and college adult education programs.  

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Scott Potteiger

Generation Connect


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Monday, September 16, 2013


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