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50 connected products, including Homelife care (a voice-activated Personal Emergency Response System).  


Robot pets, counseling for caregivers and other tools can help patients avoid nursing-homes.

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WeTraq - World's smallest Global Tracking Device (IoT)

WeTraq is world’s smallest global tracking device that ensures the connection between you and your loved ones will never be lost. It is a small credit card sized tracker that combines the power of IoT(Internet of Things) with enhanced GPS to find the precise location of your loved ones and valuable possessions. You can monitor the location of your loved ones anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world and get the location notifications on your mobile phone whenever you want it by setting a location schedule on the WeTraq mobile application.

I got inspired to build WeTraq after seeing my aging aunt wander around the streets due to Dementia. She is 70 years old and lives on her own in an apartment. It came to a point where she stopped answering her phone and when we would drop by for a visit, she was missing. This created a lot of anxiety for all of us. It became really important to use a tracker for her safety. That’s when we started looking into tracking devices out there and found several flaws. This is a driving force for my passion towards Wetraq. This unfortunate incident and my healthcare IT industry experience of 7 years gave me enough reasons and knowledge to build this device.

There are several other tracking devices out there. Tile, TrackR are some of the devices that work on Bluetooth only which has a limited coverage area of about 100-200 feet. They have this feature of CrowdGPS as well for wide coverage but that works only when others have the same application which is very unlikely!

Other devices like Pocketfinder, Amber Alert GPS etc work on GPS only. GPS does not provide indoor tracking like shopping malls, parks etc and these devices use limited range cellular networks so again user gets very limited coverage. And these devices carry hefty monthly fee. Most of them need you to get in a monthly contract, whether you use the device or not.
Another limitation of these devices is short battery life. Bluetooth devices are usually Non – rechargeable whereas other GPS devices need charging every few hours or couple of days.

WeTraq uses proprietary software that combines power of IoT and enhanced GPS to provide you global coverage, indoor tracking including malls, buildings, parks or other crowded areas. Due its small credit card size, it is easy to be tagged to the clothes or bag of kids, adults, tied to luggage using a keychain. WeTraq uses a rechargeable battery that lasts you for 30 days based on usage. Battery can be easily charged using an inbuilt microUSB port.

WeTraq is really cost effective. It does not require any monthly subscription fee. You don’t have to pay if you are not using it! Device will be developed and manufactured in Canada itself to have better quality control and create more jobs.

Global Coverage – Everywhere you have a GSM network in the world.

Report Scheduling – You set the schedule how often and when do you need location reports on your mobile app

Geo-Fencing – You can set a custom safe zone on the map using the mobile application and get an alert whenever your tracker crosses that zone.

SOS alert – Your loved ones can notify you of their location if they are in trouble or any unfortunate circumstances with the push of a button built on the tracker. You get an immediate location alert notification on your mobile application.

Wetraq can be used to locate people suffering from Autism or Dementia. People affected by these disorders tend to wander unknowingly and it becomes really important for their family and caregivers to keep a track of their location.
Its wide range of applications makes this device very useful and practical for everyday needs. Wetraq allows you to track your pets, kids, older parents, and luggage when you travel and wait on the airport for hours, Journalists going to remote areas, hikers, vehicle theft, fleet management and logistics.

We need your support! We are in the development phase of the device and will be launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign soon for funding and to reach more supporters. We need to build a community and need people to subscribe on our website with their email IDs so we can notify them of the campaign launch dates and they get early bird discounts! We want to launch this product asap to help the community. Here is our landing page:

Monday, March 28, 2016

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