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"Individuals reportedly lost $13 million to grandparent and person-in-need scams."


From the description, too late, and with a significant demand on staff.


Costs soar for eldercare and family finances are depleted.


Introducing tech is like 'pushing water uphill.'


Sage collects data on residents to help track their needs over time and records metrics, such as incident response time, to improve care.

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The expanding aging population is facing a scarcity in people equipped to support them as they get older.

Apple Watch Series 4 will have FDA-cleared ECG, fall detection.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing users regularly use smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

Left out of decisions about how and why to use that technology are the older adults.

In a survey of 250 home care users respondents were mostly happy with their home care.

Briocare's smart voice technology can help seniors to age in place.

Crucial to the future of work and business success.

The belief that nothing will change -- a fantasy.

A shift to promote emotional and mental health and adopt a holistic approach to aging.

Lots being tried, not necessarily viable.

 Strong preference in America for youthful “energy” and “innovation.”

65 and overs expected to exceed number of children in U.S.  Is that a problem?

Evidence and innovation bridge consumers and doctors.

From AARP: a patronizing article on voice activation.

Starkey makes the case for $5000 worth of hearing aids that consumers will buy who can hear.

Adding the analytics and services needed to help senior citizens age in place.

Deploying connected care products can make staff happier.