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UCSD students create tech designs by spending time with senior living residents.


The growing role of Senior Move Managers.


Demographics signal need in senior living for a middle-income price point.


Sending cars to pick up patient volunteers.


Home Alone Alliance -- free caregiver training materials

Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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GreatCall Announces Jitterbug J


New Jitterbug J Cell Phone with More Affordable Service is an Easy to Use
Personalized Companion for Anyone Seeking a Lifestyle of Simplicity

Sleek New Handset Offers Style and Comfort
Wider Variety of Easy-To-Use Services Can "Turn On and Off” Anytime to Keep Things Simple

Cisco and telepresence: If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Okay, you know that you can count on tech vendors to put 2 + 2 together and get 5, especially where their own product is involved. Let's start with today's CNET quote from Cisco: "What is different right now is that the health care system in this country is being asked to deliver service more effectively and efficiently without increasing the available resources," said Nick Augustinos, senior director with Cisco's Internet Business Solutions group for global health.

Showcasing mobile telehealth technology on Capitol Hill

Simulating in-person doctor's visits, sometimes called 'virtual visits', has become fairly trendy says the Wall Street Journal.

Connect for Healthcare: helping care providers communicate with families

I can hear objections already -- yet another tool for adult children to avoid talking with or visiting aging Mom or Dad. But founder Neil Moore (many years in Health IT) may be onto something with Connect for Healthcare. This is a new subscription-based service that enables care providers to use a structured and secure way to communicate status to family members about their loved ones who are receiving some sort of long-term care.


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