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How is GoToMyPC a metaphor for Aging in Place Technology?

This is a quick thought and I know that it is obvious I've been hanging around IT too long. Even so, I'd love feedback on it -- please! It's about the parallel between a hassle-freeing Citrix technology called GoToMyPC and what seniors  in the future will need in their homes.

So GoToMyPC is a no-training product that enables a user to transfer control of a PC to a remotely-situated technician who then can take over the desktop and troubleshoot the problem.  Key requirement is an internet connection. You must admit this has revolutionized the enterprise help desk world's ability to do remote administration.  Key to this analogy, however, is that there actually is an enterprise help desk. The basic requirements are : a) remote monitoring and management, and b) that the tools on the PC are familiar to the responding tech, even though they aren't all necessarily sold by the same vendor.

Okay, so let's think of the 'command center' concept with aging seniors.  Let's assume that there is a single command center 'administering' or configuring individual infrastructures within the homes of multiple seniors. This could include monitoring and adjusting the temperature of the home, configuring a medication reminder system, receiving and reacting to alerts from sensors, and broadcasting and reacting to information.

Note that with GoToMyPC remote troubleshooting, I willingly permit control of my PC to transfer to the technician. I am essentially opting in.  Also note that with the help desk use of GoToMyPC, one of a number of technicians can be contacted and whoever is authorized to answer the call, provides the remote assistance.

For this model to work in the home monitoring world of our aging parents, we need vendors to provide Internet-accessible technologies, but not necessarily a suite of tools from one vendor. And that a menu of that technology becomes familiar to command centers like the wellness nurse and front desk of an Assisted Living Facility, or an agreed-upon set of family members, home care workers, or healthcare providers.

Thought for the new year? Or just a hair-brained analogy?



Crossloop (http://www.crossloop.com/) is a better example IMHO

I use it to dial into my mother's computer to run diagnostics, CCLeaner and Mallware removal.  Also to help her when she has a problem.  It is great and it is freeware.  You need to load it on her machine and yours.  Good tutorial on the web site.

Adding in video conferencing w/Cross Loop is a powerful combination. Great way to communicate and educate at the same time.

Actually kind of exciting when you really start to think of all the possibilities.  I currently use gotomypc to access the POS reporting system at a business I operate, each evening.  At the same time I am moving forward with plans to launch an Aging in Place set of home services ( based upon my life experience with 2 sets of parents in their mid-late 80s).  I am looking at not only providing home modifications to make the environment safer but also a set of routine preventive maintenance services that will keep the home running smoothly over time. (My background is building and grounds maintenance).  Given that I keep hearing and reading about all these so-called assistive technologies that are on the horizon, and probably out of the reach of the masses,  the fact is the technology(s) are truly already here....just not tied together in a nice, neat marketable package by a single vendor.  The possibilities truly are exciting.    Great blog by the way.


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