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Eversound Announces Impact in Over 1,000 Senior Living Communities

BOSTON –– February 22, 2021 –– Eversound, a leading provider of wireless listening systems
designed specifically for senior living communities, today announced that its easy-to-use
technology has impacted more than 1,000 senior living communities across the United States,
bringing amplified engagement experiences to over 10,000 senior living community residents.
“As early adopters of the Eversound platform, we are genuine believers in the technology’s
effectiveness in helping to improve the lives of our residents,” said Earl Parker, CEO of
Commonwealth Senior Living. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, Eversound was a lifeline for our
team in ensuring resident engagement while maintaining social distancing, and we are excited
to see Eversound’s continued expansion within other senior living communities.”
Social isolation within senior living communities has only worsened during the pandemic, and is
especially prevalent among residents with hearing impairments – which affects more than 80%
of seniors over the age of 85. Eversound is well-positioned to create meaningful experiences
and forge critical social connections for senior living community residents. The Eversound
technology provides residents with enrichment and purpose, and also streamline processes for
staff – allowing them to efficiently coordinate and administer these activities across the entire
senior living community.

“Eversound was founded in 2015 with a mission to improve the quality of life for senior living
residents coping with the challenges of hearing loss and cognitive decline,” said Jake Reisch,
Eversound founder and CEO. “After five years and now serving over 1,000 senior living, we are
proud to accomplish just that – and we look forward to further expanding our impact in the years
to come.”
With the COVID-19 pandemic have come unprecedented challenges for senior living community
residents and staff, and Eversound has continued to evolve as the needs of the community
have changed. In response to the pandemic and ongoing visitation restrictions, Eversound
quickly adapted, developing the Visitation Package, a new configuration of its unique wireless
headphones. This product update has allowed community staff to continue scheduling family
visits that provide clear two-way communications, while also maintaining safe distances to
ensure the safety of residents, staff and families.

“The Eversound technology has been incredibly impactful for our residents and their loved ones
in many ways. Most notably, it has helped our residents – who have difficulty hearing – enjoy
concerts, talk with friends, and listen to presentations once again,” said Shanna Eckberg, COO
of American Baptist Homes of the Midwest. “During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,
Eversound's Visitation Package enabled residents and loved ones to remain connected through
window and glass doors visits. This amazing technology is integrated into our daily activities and
regularly exceeds our residents’ expectations.”
Signaled by its continued growth, Eversound is an essential solution built specifically for senior
living communities. Eversound’s unparalleled wireless listening systems and comprehensive
library hundreds of programming ideas and recordings help reduce resident isolation and
improve quality of life.

About Eversound
Eversound is an engagement solutions company that helps senior living communities combat
social isolation, support physical distancing and safe visitations resulting in an improved quality
of life for residents. Eversound's premium programming and wireless listening systems provide
residents access to new experiences to connect, learn and discover from the comfort of their
communities, teams can provide exceptional care while simplifying their program planning. With
data-backed results showing significant improvements in engagement, understanding and
observed mood in memory care, Eversound is proven to improve resident quality of life.
Eversound is a trusted engagement solution for over 1000 senior living communities in the
United States. The Eversound team is dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk seniors and
empowering senior living communities to deliver exceptional care. Follow our journey

Monday, February 22, 2021


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