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Philips Cares App Launches to Digitize the Aging and Caregiving Experience

Role reversal, complexity and cost put tremendous strain on families as they go through the challenges of aging. To help family caregivers be there for their loved ones, easing and enriching their aging journey, Philips launched Philips Cares app at CES. Whether caring for a loved one or for themselves, Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service is a digital experience that enables people to easily form and activate a care circle of trusted family and friends, access meaningful insights into their loved one’s wellbeing and receive notifications about care.

Philips Lifeline personal alert service can also be managed through the digital experience, and just as before, an aging loved one can still with the simple press of their Philips Lifeline personal alert button connect with a trained care specialist 24/7 to dispatch the right kind of help. Now through the care circle, caregivers can stay informed and connected through the Philips Cares digital experience. With the introduction of Philips Cares, the company is transforming its services to help provide better care for loved ones throughout the aging journey so that people can worry less and focus more on the key moments that matter with their loved ones.

Connecting and digitizing the aging journey

Aging is hard both for seniors and their caregivers. Caregiving can be frustrating and overwhelming, often taking a care circle of friends, family and professional services to support those we love while helping them maintain a sense of home and dignity. Philips Lifeline has been at the center of these care circles for over 40 years, serving over 7 million seniors and their caregivers through a network of more than 2,500 hospitals, home health agencies, non-clinical home care, and senior living communities.

It is through this care network that we expose our predictive analytics derived from the Philips Lifeline service data so that professional caregivers can monitor, qualify and assess if someone is at risk of emergency transport. With our protocol services, seniors with the press of a button can have seamless access via our trained care specialists to our networks’ clinical care services before there is an emergency. For the first time with the Philips Cares digital experience, the entire care circle will be exposed, organized and connected to this rich network, analytics and services to support those on the aging journey.

“Whether you’re on the aging journey yourself or caring for a loved one, we all want to have peace of mind around getting older,” said Ripley Martin, General Manager for Philips Aging & Caregiving. “Philips Cares eases and enriches the aging experience for caregivers and seniors by providing them with access to always-on, supportive relationships across a care circle, enabling them to refocus their attention on the key moments that matter most.”

Philips Cares App Availability

The Philips Cares mobile application will be available to download from the Apple and Google Play stores, as well as accessed via web browsers. It will be available for customers receiving Philips Lifeline service in the U.S. in incremental rollouts starting in early 2019. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2019