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computers, broadband, and social networking


computers, broadband, and social networking

Is the iPad for boomers and seniors? Could be!

So much iHoopla about the iPad. But as the famous saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity and folks at Apple must be having a great time with this. The geeks have weighed in, plenty of snippy negative commentary has been spewed about the Apple iPad (including lots of sophomoric humor about the product name).

The myth of the PC-free life for boomers and seniors

PCs and MACs represent growth markets in 2010... With the excitement (translate that -- lots of press) about a wide variety of PC-less connection choices for TV, radio, and books, one might almost think the PC and its MAC brethren were dead. Not so fast, PC sales are expected to grow 10% this year and MAC growth expectations are as high as 26%.

How to let others know how your business is doing

How is a market entrant doing? I have spent much of the past year looking at websites of tech companies in the aging-tech or digital health-tech areas. As part of this look, I am always trying to figure out how these companies are doing. Talking to the company executives is interesting, but the website, to me is very revealing and sometimes contradicts verbal descriptions of momentum. To me, these are visible indicators of company health:

Asus products, including videophone


Asus products may be useful to seniors based on price. Check Amazon.com for pricing.

ASUS Unveils the Latest in PC Technology at Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in New York City


Gear Up For the Holidays with the Latest in ASUS Innovation

Internet use cuts depression in 55+ elderly -- what's it mean?

Internet use reduces depression in the elderly by 20%.  Whew. I've got to read those news alerts more carefully -- looks like I missed quite a bit of press about the October 15 announcement of a Phoenix Center Policy Paper of data analysis and conclusion by George Ford and Sherry Ford.  The news articles about the study are quite confusing -- mixing up terminology (elderly? seniors?)  so let's look more closely at the process that produced the conclusion.


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