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medication management


medication management

IDEAL LIFE Introduces Breakthrough Technology in Medication Adherence


TORONTO - April 29, 2011 - Responsible for 89,000 premature deaths and $100 billion in avoidable hospitalizations annually1, medication non-adherence is one of healthcare's most serious and costly challenges. Offering consumers, providers, family members and the healthcare community a real solution to this serious problem, IDEAL LIFE Inc., the ISO-certified industry leader in remote health management solutions, introduces a wireless medication management tool as the latest addition to its revolutionary medical system.

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ePill Medication Reminder Wristwatch Leads in Med Reminders


Wellesley, MA (Boston) -- ePill, the leading provider of medication reminders, makes a Medication Reminder that fits right on your wrist. The easy-to-set e-pill CADEX Medication Reminder 12 Alarm Watch with Medical ID ( can alert you to take your medications up to 12 times per day.

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HealthOneMed’s Innovative Dispense-A-Pill (DAP) Helps You Manage All Your Medications


Patented Personal Medication Manager Integrates the Capabilities of Pillboxes, Reminders, Pill Dispensers and Medication Alert Devices into Single Easy-to-Use Device.

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Why isn't tech more appealing?

Lots of 'health' invention.  Next week I am going to Connected Health in Boston, where I will no doubt walk up and down aisles filled with medication management, chronic disease devices, and every type of tech to help doctors do a better job of care of their patients -- and presumably to help patients take better care of themselves.


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