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Technology available is not designed with older aging adults in mind.


Suggests a gerontechnology ombudsman to mediate concerns.


Helps older people find a place to live and gets them the services.


The capability for ultrasound scans to be done via a wearable.


Most noted are wheelchairs, walkers, and other items for disabilities.

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Verizon Unveils Care Smart Watch for Seniors

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., April 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Staying connected with loved ones has never been more important. Today, Verizon introduced the Care Smart watch, designed for seniors to keep them connected while giving their loved ones peace of mind. The watch comes with its own phone number and a companion app (Verizon Care Smart), creating a simple way to stay in close contact with friends & family members. Starting April 16, you can preorder the Care Smart watch for $149.99 and receive $50 off with the purchase of a smartphone.*

“We understand the need to stay connected, especially during these difficult times when so many people are separated from their elderly loved ones. The Care Smart watch gives our customers a safe and simple way to communicate with grandparents, parents and other loved ones. At a time when staying away from senior family members is the responsible choice, technology can keep us connected and offer insights into loved ones health and activities for peace of mind,” said Brian Higgins, senior vice president, device and consumer product marketing, Verizon.

Safety & health features

The Care Smart watch is ideal for grandparents or for loved ones who live alone. If they had an accident or an emergency, he or she could call for help. Customers can also set timers and alerts to remind them about daily tasks like taking their medication. The trust circle allows seniors to talk to people they already know, removing the worry of pesky robocalls. And, for the fitness enthusiasts, users will have step trackers to monitor their physical fitness. The whole family can get involved.

Monitors health, safety & well-being of loved ones with Verizon Care Smart app

Comes with voice & text communication powered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network

Stores up to 10 contacts, including one primary emergency contact

Location sharing feature included

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Studies show that people simply do not want to continue to purchase more devices vs leveraging what they have.  The pricing alone cuts off a huge market segment.

This is why we built our solution completely agnostic.  Watch Our Own is a critical response network, unique in style; our system is the only response tool on the market that is monitored and administered in partnership by care recipients and kin. The goal of WOO is to eliminate the wonder and stress of whether or not a loved one has performed the basic care necessary to live their healthiest and safest life. In addition, the network provides users with peace of mind on the whereabouts of their family members along with safety features such as fall alerts and vital checks to ensure consciousness. Watch Our Own was built on the desire to heighten connectivity between family members and provide users the ability to live independently with their guardians virtually at their side. we leverage what is already on your phone:  your health, fall detection, location, video, etc..... this keeps the cost lowest to market and not for individual but for entire family!

It is time to change device dependent solution and think out of the  box to really provide an affordable solution!