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"Laurie Orlov was one of my favorite speakers because she is always looking forward and not just a single vision." 

"Laurie has tremendous experience in the aging in place segment and has been a thought leader on the development of our concept." 

"See the recently published California HealthCare Foundation report written by Laurie Orlov, the foremost expert on aging in place technologies." MobiHealth News

"Congratulations on your Senate testimony! Great knowledge transfer by everyone involved in the aging in place/advances with technology. I really am thrilled to see your impact in this sphere."

"Anytime I have a question about home monitoring, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) or anything else related to technologies for seniors, I go to her site." 

Integrity Award What's Next Boomer Business Summit

"About 2015 Market Overview Technology Aging in Place Report: "Superb" and "Powerhouse"

"Your information about aging and technology is superb! Thank you for all of the updates and info regarding hearing and computer technology for the aging population!" - Home care agency

"My favorite expert on aging and technology, [is] Laurie Orlov, who runs a fantastic research consultancy about a big trend among seniors/boomers  “aging in place.” Once you start asking around on this subject Laurie’s name will come into every conversation." -- Lee Rainie, Pew Research

"Your excellent blog on technologies for aging in place provides such an important service to the public, and we greatly admire your thought leadership, advocacy, and analysis of elder care tech trends." Council on Contemporary Families

Finalist for Best Senior Living Blogs by Individuals

Nominated for an ALTY award from Assisted Living Today for best senior care blog

Nominated for 'Best Aging in Place Blog Awards", "Bridging the tech boomer-senior market divide", Assisted Living Today

"Laurie Orlov, magnificent Age in Place Technology blogger, recently gave a webinar that presented the best overview I’ve seen in a long time." Elder Pages Online

"Just a quick note to comment on your website and aggregation of viewpoints and research -- definitely a must-read for anyone involved in providing technology solutions to seniors and institutions serving seniors." Patrice McAree, President, EmFinders

"I've been reading your Aging in Place Technology Watch blog for some time, and was quite intrigued by your article on Saturday that suggested many boomers want to MOVE for their retirement years. Amazing!" Susan Warner, Senior Editor, Chelsea Green Publishing


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