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17 percent of Americans over age 65 use wearables to monitor vital signs and track fitness.


The biggest stress from hurricanes seems to come to bear on senior citizens who have cognitive difficulties.


Chronic loneliness, a disturbing trend that poses more of a public health threat than obesity.


Person reduces medication as a result of virtual reality distraction.


Multi-media platforms, social outlets, security.

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Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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Boomer-Senior Tech Business


Boomer-Senior Tech Business

3rd Annual New Product & Technology Awards


LIBERTYVILLE, IL -- July 29, 2011 is the entry deadline for the 3rd Annual New Product & Technology Awards, the first competition of its kind to recognize innovative products, services and technologies for older adults and their families.


Create the v2.0 measured life to help older adults

Evolving technology for an aging population – is evolving. Most who are in and around the tech and aging market would agree that this market is s-l-o-w-l-y emerging, offering up fairly complex tech, equally complex sales channel structures, and a pricing model that begs for (but doesn’t get) insurance reimbursement.  Research centers (like Stanford’s or the MIT AgeLab) and consortia like LeadingAge contemplate the tech futures of helpful robotics, smart homes, devices to shore up memory loss, and cars that could take the worry out of whether we can see, hear, or hold a wheel well enough to drive, never mind remember where we are going. In this world, so focused on health care and senior housing, we can find telehealth technology (Bosch), passive activity sensors (Healthsense) and sleep pattern tracking (WellAWARE), wander management devices, and the ever-so-glacial integration of these with health records.

Will aging in place become aging in some other place?

The times are changing – just ask boomers.  Just when is the survey glass half-full or half-empty? According to a June survey from The Hartford and MIT AgeLab, “50 percent of boomers want to stay in their current home as they age, but most have no plans in place.”  Hold on there, just a second, that means HALF of them want to move! How interesting and how antithetical to aging in place! But it was just a year ago that AARP surveyed the 45+ population and found that "almost three-quarters of Baby Boomers ages 45 and older – and effectively nine in ten people 65+ – said they want to stay in their current homes for as long as possible.” That was then and this is now.

Retailing AIP Tech: Early Observations from the Fair

Fried at the fair. This year, we were selected to have a retail stand at the San Diego County Fair. There are 1.4 million people expected to attend the fair during its 22-day run from June through July 4. In addition to the infamous Chicken Charlie’s fried food (fried Kool Aid is this year’s hit, many people attend the fair for the shopping — four large halls full of Sham Wows, Vitamixes and assorted pitchmen and gizmos.

Is Tech a Four Letter Word?

Do some professionals think we're speaking another language? Maybe it's just my particular experience. But have you ever tried to discuss aging in place technology with a home care agency or other caregiver group and watched them morph into that blank stare, I-don’t-like-or-trust-technology catatonic state? A while ago, I was at a presentation given by the West Wireless Health Institute.  In the room were dozens of caregiver organizations – home care agencies, disease affinity groups, senior centers, etc. The presentation was fascinating – GloCaps, Band-Aid heart monitors -- all kinds of neat health gadgets as well as the challenges that lie ahead with deployment and acceptance.



WASHINGTON – As part of AARP’s efforts to stimulate innovations that serve the needs and wants of Americans age 50+, the Association announced today the launch of a new program that will give two promising entrepreneurs the time and attention of leading venture capitalists and members of the press, to help turn their visions into reality.


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