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 There could be unforeseen, long-term consequences to the concept.


Poor design hampers their use.


Assisted living and memory care communities have a “distinct advantage.” 


AI holds significant promise in alleviating the pressures felt by healthcare facilities worldwide.

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Mobile PERS


Mobile PERS

Five new technologies for aging in place

Rounding up from a series of press releases over the past two months, here are some new technologies and/or services that may be new to you, for use by or in support of older adults.  All material is from the vendor published information:

Securus, Inc. offers the eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System.  "eCare+Voice was designed to enable active seniors to live confidently and independently. It is a one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind, compact emergency phone that connects users with the Securus Emergency Care Center via two-­‐way voice communication, just by pressing the alert button. Unlike other medical alert devices, eCare+Voice is fully self-­‐contained and works indoors and outdoors, anywhere in the US, with a powerful microphone and speaker built directly into the unit. The eCare+Voice unit has a long-­‐lasting battery and can be recharged using a cord-­‐free, inductive charging pad."  Learn more at SecurusGPS.com.

Independa, GreatCall Team to Integrate Emergency Response into Remote Monitoring of Elderly Living Independently


SAN DIEGO – July 18, 2012 – Telehealth innovator Independa™ announced today that it will integrate GreatCall’s 5Star Urgent Response™ system into its Artemis™ wireless monitoring platform, enhancing ability to remotely track the well-being of elderly people who live independently.

5Star, GreatCall’s mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS), is the first safety monitoring feature planned for Artemis, set to become generally available this fall. Independa previously announced health and activity-related sensors.



Waterford, MI – June 29, 2012 - Silent Call Communications, a company that provides visual and tactile alerting devices to organizations, companies and individuals alike, has introduced the Signature Series Receiver Watch, alerting the wearer quickly to visitors, calls, and emergencies. 

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Securus, Inc. Announces General Availability of eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System


Cary, NC (May 15, 2012) — Securus, Inc., the leading provider of mobile safety and security GPS products,

announced today the general availability of the eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System. This next-­‐

generation locator enables seniors to live independently for longer and gives caregivers the comfort of

knowing that with the click of a button, help is on the way.

“Since more seniors are living active and independent lives, we have produced a product and service for

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Numera Acquires BlueLibris and Expands Offerings Into Telecare


SEATTLE, Apr 19, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Numera announced today the acquisition of BlueLibris, LLC, a leader in personal health monitoring and safety technologies. The acquisition adds a novel, mobile telecare platform to Numera's existing telehealth products, social engagement solutions, and professional services portfolio. The combined telehealth + telecare offering enhances Numera's business partners' offerings with the goal of improving outcomes in Transitions in Care, Independent Aging, and Chronic Condition Management programs.

Frost & Sullivan Highlights GreatCall’s Success in Offering High-Touch Customer Service for mHealth and Communication


Frost & Sullivan Highlights GreatCall’s Success in Offering High-Touch Customer Service for mHealth and Communication

GreatCall’s experience and high degree of customer support positions it as the mHealth channel of choice


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Boca Raton Medical Alert Company to add 55 Jobs



Press Release

MobileHelp closes $5 Million funding round.  Art Cahoon and Robbie Raybon added to Board.

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Mobile HERO 24-7 is there when You can’t be!


Presently there are over 65,000,000 volunteer family member caregivers or friend caregivers looking after a loved one in the United States.  It is, by far, one of the hardest jobs around and many times it is a thankless job.   None the less, many feel guilty when they can’t be there.  Many families would prefer to get professional services to take over, but in today’s economic environment, a lot of families don’t have that option.  What can be done?

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2012 -- 10 Updated Tips for launching a product or service

This post first appeared in late 2010 prior to CES -- with CES coming up next week, given the last year of launches, again let's remind new product and service vendors of what they need to do to launch properly.

So you want to launch a boomer/senior, home health tech, etc product or service.  It's getting to be that time of year for launches and the press that accompanies them. This year, as always there are many vendors that have or will have new products and services or enhanced capabilities -- and want to get attention, prowling the vast aisles of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in search of possible channel partners, media attention and a list of who is in their space. In conjunction with that event, perhaps they will 'officially' launch. Or perhaps an existing company will officially launch a new product or service. Here is a checklist as derived from recent encounters and discussions:

December 2011 Newsletter -- 2011 wrap and 2012 trends to watch

The basic technologies that have changed the user experience for everyone are well-known in the consumer electronics world. They are GPS/cellular tracking, touch screens, voice activation, battery technology, cameras, accelerometers, and sensors. But these are migrating slowly if at all into the market of offerings to enable older adults to live well for longer, aging at home if they wish. This could be because of a soft economy, a risk-averse senior housing community, a tech-averse home care industry, or other factors. But it is a truism of vendor-hood that switching to new technologies involves a cannibalization of existing markets – one must pick the right time. Looking through the aging-in-place technology lens into 2012, there many points of light that will shape the year:


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