Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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Better performance and more functionality.


There’s a loneliness epidemic in America.


 Innovations include VR headsets for seniors with Alzheimer’s.


The company’s study measured a health-management plan called CarePlans.


Uses ultrasonic sensors to warn of impediments via vibrations in handle.

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Mobile PERS


Mobile PERS

Recently Announced Technologies for Aging in Place

It’s a few months before CES 2012 and a flurry of new product announcements will soon flutter out leading up to and including the Silvers Summit and Digital Health events in Las Vegas. Ahead of those to-be-determined announcements, other companies (and one core technology) have announced offerings worth noting that can help seniors and/or caregivers of seniors and deserve a heads-up to learn more via the links below. Information here is quoted from the press or vendor announcement:

GreatCall Introduces 5Star Responder and 5Star Urgent Response iPhone App


Today GreatCall introduced two new products, the 5Star Responder and 5Star Urgent Response iPhone app.  The Responder is a first-of-its-kind wireless, mobile device that is an easy, convenient, and affordable way to gain immediate assistance through our 5Star service center when individuals find themselves in vulnerable situations, at home or on the go. The first Responders were purchased this morning via our direct response sales center and on-line at our website.  Beginning October 23rd, the device will also be available nationwide at Walmart and Sears.

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New Generation Mobile Personal Emergency Response System – An Android™ App named Mobile HERO 24-7


Charlotte, NC, – ARCI Enterprises will soon be releasing a new generation Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (MPERS), an Android™ Mobile Application named Mobile HERO 24-7.

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Mobility and PERS, boomers and shifting expectations

Another week, this time a look at the future of healthy aging. Yesterday kicked off the first of a two-year Think Tank initiative sponsored by Philips through its Center for Health and Well-Being. The purpose of this Think Tank is to consider and flesh out ideas about what it means globally to age successfully -- with implications about future requirements for policy, health systems, and technology use.

Medical Mobile Monitoring offers MobileHelp


BOCA RATON, FL - Over the past thirty years, traditional medical alert systems have enabled seniors and other individuals to live independently, with the ability to notify emergency personnel of problems with a pendant, watch or other electronic device. The limiting factor to this technology, however, has been the requirement of users to remain within close proximity to a receiver or base unit, inhibiting the ability to travel outside of a few hundred feet from their home.

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