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 234,000 Americans moved in retirement in 2022, up 4% from 2021.


Entrepreneurs eye shift towards enterprise.


Rise Gardens uses IoT sensors to control lights for customers using a built-in smart board. 


Companies should consider usability and accessibility for their devices to succeed.

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Why not an AgingTech Systems Integrator?

Another aging tech gap that must be filled. I received an e-mail the other day that pointed out: "I’m very interested in the role of technology and read about a lot of products – the thing that I don’t see much about is what types of solution providers are doing the installation, servicing, etc. It’s actually a business I’ve considered entering – but have yet to find any reference points on this side of the industry."

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What does it mean -- Business Week Special Report on Aging in Place?

This is truly special.  Business Week has devoted a special report to Aging in Place. We've seen newspaper and magazine articles, usually on the social curiosity or human interest aspect of using technology to help seniors. In this case, there are many, many small vendors and organizations who are investing and slowly growing their businesses that will serve us as we age.

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Heal for America -- A great idea -- shape it to help the aging and frail

Yay! Heal for America is an idea whose time may be just in time for the aging in place of boomers and seniors. No doubt you've been reading for years about 'Teach for America' -- a much sought program for those newly minted college grads, these 'best and the brightest' want to inject their enthusiasm and energy into teaching in public schools, often in areas of the country where talent is most scarce.

Active Forever and AIP at Home announce partnership

09/01/2009 and announce
New Strategic Marketing Partnership
The companies will be working together to offer education, products, and other trusted resources for consumers looking to age in place

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