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2018-2019 look back and ahead at tech buzz, hope, and hype

Who can resist reflection when a year ends and 2019 begins? So much racket, so much of it driven by writers desperate for something to write about – and we’re not talking about the news. Lots of negative tech energy in 2018, including healthcare data breaches, Facebook’s loss of trust, ditto with Google and its much discussed anti-competitive positioning in search. The visibility of Facebook management issues and Google competitive quagmire may actually be good for consumers.  So what was interesting in 2018 that was great news, possibly intriguing or just plain worth noting prior to CES 2019, which will present a cornucopia (or maybe just a plethora) of new tech and tech news? [Warning, more blog posts about CES next week while there].  A few topics that stood out:

  • Hearing technology got an upgrade and a lower price.  2018 was a big year for disruption in the hearing technology sector following a big change in regulatory terminology at the FDA and a win for consumers who may prefer self-service hearing tests, self-fitting of lower priced hearing aids, and self-service adjustments.  More to come in 2019, including changes in state regulations and seniors with hearing loss AND smartphones can benefit from making adjustments through the phone itself, including smartphone ringer heard with the worn hearing aids. Hearables have brought amplification to headphones and new types of earbuds. Expect to see much more about this from the FDA – and for older adults to hear better at a lower, self-service purchase price.

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