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Aging 2.0 Optimize -- the goal is to accelerate the pace of innovation

It's been a busy week that reflects growing interest in aging and new technologies. Just after the third annual Louisville Innovation Summit, some of the attendees and/or exhibitors dashed to San Francisco for the Aging 2.0 Optimize event. The founders, Stephen Johnston and Katy Fike, launched Aging 2.0 in 2012 'to pick up the pace of innovation that benefits older adults.' The program includes the Generator Ventures fund, an 'Academy' to cultivate classes annual classes of startups, distributed worldwide events, and competitions that feature finalists who participate in pitch competitions. Their flagship and well-attended Optimize event concluded today in San Francisco – with five of the exhibiting/pitching startups featured below. Information is from their websites or press materials: 

ActiveProtective.  "We provide ‘fall disambiguation,’ allows us to determine falls with unprecedented accuracy.  It allows us to determine falls prior to impact, giving us the ability to intervene by deploying micro-airbag protection.  We’ve demonstrated the ability to reduce impact force by 90% with “fall disambiguation” in our smart garments.  Our methodology also revolutionizes fall detection accuracy of traditional PERS medical alert monitors.  At ActiveProtective, we will change the way we care for our independent elderly, and make hip fractures a preventable condition." Learn more at ActiveProtective.

BlueWillow Systems. "A unique patent pending end-to-end resident and staff safety solution with specially designed wearable devices, access points, and a SaaS-delivered cloud platform. We enable automatic fall detection monitoring, reporting, real-time visuals of location, and alerts. We complement your existing solutions with fall detection, real-time location system and the collection, calculation and aggregation of events." Learn more at BlueWillow Systems.

URise. "URise Products manufactures and distributes innovative mobility aids. Our products assist users and caregivers to avoid unnecessary injury and prolong independent living.  URise Products mission is to provide a better quality of life through the development and market introduction of innovative mobility devices. The StandUp Walker is a revolutionary stand-assist device that helps patients with mobility issues rise from a seated position." Learn more at UriseProducts.

Ekso Bionics. "Ekso Bionics is a leading developer of exoskeleton solutions that amplify human potential by supporting or enhancing strength, endurance, and mobility across medical, industrial, and defense applications. n 2016, Ekso Bionics received the first FDA clearance exoskeleton for use with stroke and spinal cord injury levels to C7. We have yet to imagine all human robotics applications and remain committed to forming strategic partnerships for cutting-edge innovation." Learn more at Ekso Bionics.

Nuheara. "Nuheara’s proprietary software algorithms are redefining noise cancellation technology. SINCTMallows you to dynamically control how you hear the world around you for a more personalized hearing experience.  IQbuds also let you change ambient sound for each ear individually. This might sound weird, but for someone with high frequency loss of hearing on one side, or similar, it's potentially very helpful." Learn more at Nuheara.


This is the best aging technology product to come out in years. No bells, no whistles, just solid engineering that will be more help to seniors, while reducing falls, than all the electronics combined. This is a home run.

Also good to see products based on design, not just software and apps.  Thanks for recognizing the need to address the manual aspects of aging and caregiving!

It is great to see new technologies coming on line that will help seniors remain home.


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