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Eight new technology offerings for older adults

Are you starting to notice a pattern, so to speak?  There seems to be a growing number of tech offerings that can see, sense, detect, and learn about behavioral patterns as part of new tools for older adults and their caregivers. Changes like these and others in this space will be addressed in a new report launching this month: "The Future of Sensors and Predictive Analytics for Older Adults."  In the meantime, here are eight new offerings in the market that are designed to improve wellbeing and care.  All text is drawn from the websites of the companies -- they are presented here in alphabetical order. 

Cognitive Systems Caregiver Aware. "Caregiver Aware is powered by WiFi Motion™, which is currently active in over 70 countries and leverages connected IoT devices to transform the entire home into a motion-sensing network without additional hardware. It is an end-to-end solution featuring Cognitive Systems' patented algorithms, clean iOS and Android app interface." Learn more.

Honor Expert. "Honor Expert allows older adults and their families to easily call a dedicated toll-free number or start an online chat to ask questions about major aging-related topics, such as health and wellness, care planning, and home management. From there, users are directed to educational resources, tools, and products and services from the partners that address whatever aging issue they are facing. In addition to the online portal, Honor Expert provides human interaction by allowing users to call the helpline and connect directly with a professional social worker, removing the friction and frustration that families often face when researching problems and seeking solutions." Learn more.

KamiCare. "KamiCare sensors identify when an elderly person falls by detecting the abrupt changes of body movements. The alert is automatically sent to be verified by the KamiCare 24/7 response team, and once confirmed, immediately sent to the responsible parties via email, SMS or a phone call. The process takes less than two minutes. The fall video clips are blurred to protect privacy and can be reviewed to allow a post-fall evaluation. The solution is scalable for any size facility and affordable with no large upfront cost." Learn more.

Meet Caregivers. "MeetCaregivers aims to solve problems facing seniors, families, and caregivers by promoting access to high-quality care through strategic partnerships with health insurers and third-party payers throughout the country. The company’s matching technology connects the right caregivers with the right plan members, increasing satisfaction for the member, reducing caregiver turnover, and reflecting positively on MA Plans." Learn more.

Neosensory Clarify Wristband. "The Clarify wristband improves your hearing without the need to wear hearing aids. Users report better outcomes in understanding conversations than the average hearing aid user. The Clarify's cutting-edge machine learning listens for high-frequency parts of speech (phonemes) and vibrates in different ways to indicate different sounds. Within 3 weeks the brain learns to seamlessly combine the information at your ear with the clarification from your wrist." Learn more.

Origin Wireless WiFi Monitoring. "Origin Home’s monitoring and automation applications provide non-line-of-sight (NLOS) sensing, so we have significantly fewer (if any) blind spots and cover more areas with less hardware. Our WiFi Sensing can detect activities insights, sleep insights, fall detection, wander detection, and send alerts to caregivers and professional monitoring services of concerns." Learn more.

Quil Assure and PeoplePower. "The Quil Assure platform functions by utilizing ambient sensors placed strategically around a senior’s living space. The Assure solution discreetly monitors daily routines and notifies a senior’s ‘Care Circle’ of any unusual developments. Seniors decide on their own how much or how little monitoring to allow, ensuring both independence and privacy. The Quil Assure product incorporates People Power’s AI and Internet of Things platform, which utilizes ambient sensors placed strategically around a senior’s living space to discreetly monitor daily routines and notify a senior’s ‘Care Circle’ of any unusual developments." Learn more.

TapRoot Ella. "This app uses AI and machine learning to provide extensible, scalable, and augmented capacity for caregivers to support individuals with cognitive impairments, beginning with Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. TapRoot’s AI engine analyzes patients’ multiple data points to better match them with the correct intervention. We are using AI and machine learning to provide extensible, scalable, and augmented capacity for caregivers to support individuals with cognitive impairments, beginning with Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients."  Learn more.

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