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Five New Technologies for Aging in Place

Some of these were threaded into the announcements from CES collections, but here is a recap from the companies' recent incoming missives, these five bring this site up to date. All information, is, minus a drop or two of hyperbole, from the vendor websites and releases:

Ambio Remote Health Monitoring System announced.  Announced at CES, the system monitors weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels, and was built from the ground up to meet the needs of patients, their families, and healthcare and managed care providers.Ambio Health products assist people with chronic diseases in managing their health, and also enables those who want to "age in place" remain independent. The products automatically record vital sign readings (glucose, blood pressure, weight, etc.) on a health portal and provide tools for members and their care circle to help them stay healthy.. For more information, visit

Patient App, Medication Reminders and CHF Surveys Added to MobileCare Monitor. AFrame Digital announces the latest enhancements to its flagship MobileCare Monitor service. Release 4.9 adds features developed by AFrame Digital out of its NIH-sponsored research with heart failure patients.  The latest enhancements promote patient and family engagement while expanding the range of alertable health-related parameters using AFrame Digital's real-time, continuous and nonintrusive monitoring solution. Learn more at

Philips announces a GoSafe, a Mobile PERS. Philips Lifeline GoSafe, a new mobile personal emergency response system (PERs), designed to help seniors get more out of life. Offering a combination of fall detection capabilities, power-efficient design that allows up to seven days between charges, and a senior-friendly charging cradle that allows the GoSafe help button to be worn even while charging, GoSafe has a suite of locating technologies and two-way cellular voice communication to help provide users the confidence to continue doing the activities they enjoy knowing they have access to help if they need it. Learn more at

BrightLife Innovations – unlimited video calling in senior housing. The system features a large high definition screen with a simple senior friendly remote control that is easy for senior residents to use, requiring no computer experience or equipment of their own. Once installed at a senior living community or senior’s room, it will allow residents to make unlimited video calls and visit face-to-face with the people they care about most.  A number of Milwaukee area senior communities are currently enjoying the service.  The company is in the process of bringing this unique service to residents and their families throughout North America. Learn more at  http:/

Care Technology Systems monitoring technology. The company’s technology is integrated into the background of the senior’s daily life, alerting caregivers and/or a call center when there is an issue or threat to the senior’s health or safety. Similar to home security systems, QuietResponse™ consists of sensors (motion, door, fluid, pads) placed throughout the home (in beds and chairs, on doors and refrigerator, on the toilet water tank) to gauge “normal” life patterns, so when a condition is outside of normal, or signals a potential medical issue, notifications can be sent by text, email, page or phone so caregivers can respond.  Learn more at


I am an advisor to health care providers and entrepreneurs. I also deliver seminars on how to navigate the aging journey successfully and my firm provides one-to-one counseling to families struggling to help older loved ones. Your blog is a gift, to me and to all who want quick information about the usability of all the latest technologies and solutions in the aging space. I call you the one-woman Consumer's Report, Thank you for saving those of us in the trenches hours of time wading through the noise.



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