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Five New Technologies for Aging in Place - March - June, 2014

What's new and tech-related for helping older adults? Every few months this site attempts to sweep up and refresh a few of the announcements about technology in the market that can be helpful both to older adults and to those that care for them. These five announcements meet the criteria older adults remain safe, healthy, secure, and well-connected in their homes of choice. The information in this list (alphabetical order) comes directly from the websites of the individual companies themselves and includes:

Guardian Angel. "Guardian Angel turns a phone into an emergency beacon. If a loved one is ever in a situation, for example an accident or medical situation, and they require immediate help, they can push a button that alerts a list of predetermined contacts where they are and that they need help. If they need an emergency response, those contacts can know exactly what the issue is and what they need. Guardian Angel will call one main person and send a text message to up to 5 additional contacts. Learn more at e-PAZ Group. Guardian Angel will call one main person and send a text message to up to 5 additional contacts". Learn more at e-PAZ Group.

GreatCall Splash Waterproof Medical Alert and Jitterbug5. "The GreatCall Splash is designed to withstand up to 30 minutes in three feet of water. We also responded to the requests for feature and ease-of-use upgrades and created a drop-in charging cradle and extended the battery life. Says CEO David Inns "But we believe the full value of GreatCall Splash is realized through its connection to family members through GreatCall’s Link app and to health & safety experts through the 5Star service."  "And the new Jitterbug5 has a dedicated 5Star button makes it easy to get help in any uncertain or unsafe situation. With just one touch you’ll be immediately connected to an NAED Certified 5Star Agent who will get you the help you need - anytime, anywhere. And with a GreatCall GoPlan, you get exclusive health management services, like unlimited access to nurses and doctors."   Learn more at

iWatchLife. " iWatchLife will give you a way to check on the well-being of your elderly parents during the day and night. Mount up to four lightweight cameras at strategic points throughout their home. For instance, you might want to monitor their entry ways, dining room and favorite chair. Senior security monitoring will enable you to see that your parent is taking their meds and eating healthy meals. Your parents watched out for you, and now you can return the favor with unobtrusive senior security monitoring from iWatchLife." Learn more at

MissNoMeds. "The new wireless automatic pill dispenser has a built-in cellular chip, making it easy for users to transport and use wherever they need to. The device dispenses medication in the correct amount, at the correct time, reminding users with audible and visual alarms. To ensure compliance, if the user misses their medication, the device will send messages via email, text, or phone to both the user and anyone else that they choose, involving everyone in their circle of care." Learn more at

SafeinHome.  "SafeinHome is a new mobile solution that helps lower care costs by providing oversight of the senior when they're home alone which supports family caregivers and helps keep aging parents living safely at home longer. Without invading the senior's privacy, SafeinHome's mobile device-enabled services use wireless sensors to track the elderly person's activities while they're home, their length of stay in a room, when they leave and return to the house, if they've left the stove on or touched their medications, and more. The system sends information directly to family members' smartphones or tablets, and alerts them about unusual events that could mean there is a problem."  Learn more at

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