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Five new technologies from the 2015 Boomer Business Summit and ASA

In Chicago it was all about boomers and seniors. Last week Aging in America framed several days in Chicago of multiple other related events about and for professionals in caregiving, boomers and seniors. The market-facing event that always attracts multiple executives from organizations like AARP, United Healthcare, Ziegler, Linkage, and many startups was the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit (led by Mary Furlong and now in its 12th year).  Here are five technologies new and/or not previously noted from ASA and What's Next -- all information is from the companies' websites or press releases:

Cubigo.com. "Cubigo represents communication, comfort and safety in your own hands. CubesTM are small applications that you can add and adapt to your personal needs. Cubigo develops cubes in the three main pillars to be able to live happily and comfortably in your own environment: social contacts (Cubigo Social), self-care (Cubigo Care) and comfort (Cubigo Services). Longevity requires new solutions one of which is to age at home in a pleasant way. With Cubigo you can choose which care and services you need, you keep control over your own life as long as it is comfortable. You decide." Learn more at Cubigo.US.

Eversound. "The Eversound Shared Listening System uses radio frequency technology to broadcast sound to all Eversound Headphones within a 100-meter radius. It is designed to bring more engagement, excitement and vitality to your senior audience through improved sound. The system includes:  Eversound headphones, hub, aluminum storage case, simple setup, individual volume controls.  It complements hearing aids and helps improve engagement." Learn more at EversoundHQ.

Panasonic HomeTeam. "HomeTeam (smart phone app) lets grandparents and grandchildren spend quality time together, by combining shared experiences, such as reading books or playing games together, over video chat. By offering a simple way to consume curated content across tablet platforms and computers, the service allows users to interact and feel more connected. The HomeTeam experience is delivered on iOS and Android tablets, as well as computers, and is the next best thing to being there in-person. It creates common ground and fosters meaningful connections between loved ones by giving grandparents and grandchildren something to talk about, enjoying real conversations and having fun."  Learn more about HomeTeam.

Pethub.  "This system provides a physical ID tag that links to FREE online profile for your pet. That profile can have any information you want, including multiple emergency contacts, license & rabies tag numbers, microchip data, critical medications, and much more. With the addition of PetHub’s “Premium Subscriptions.” users now enjoyed the benefits of a Shelter Alert system that sent out "virtual lost pet posters" (think "Amber Alert for Pets") to local shelters and rescues." Learn more at Pethub.com.

WAHVE.  "WAHVE bridges the gap between insurance firms staffing needs and vintage insurance professionals desiring to phase into retirement, what we are calling “pretirement.” Our innovative staffing approach helps vintage employees stay productive longer and insurance firms have continued access to highly seasoned workers. WAHVE’s goal is to make hiring highly experienced, qualified insurance professionals easy and to provide vintage insurance professionals  who want to “pretire” the opportunity for  a continued career working from home."  Learn more at WAHVE.

Please be sure to check out Boomer Health Tech Watch, our parallel site that tracks boomers and Digital Health, wearables, and mHealth!


hi Laurie, I found funny and interesting that Cube is distributed in Belgium and Holland, with a Dutch version. Anyone Dutch on the team? - Cristelle

The ever sound system seems to have made itself a nice niche. The fact that it is said to bring more engagement to senior audiences surely is a benefit to many. I know many seniors can find this useful if they are having issues with hearing. I work for a care agency and this could be a great tool.

This was great I found this and working with seniors this was useful 


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