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Five new technologies for older adults – May 2024

As the year progresses, the older adult population gets the innovators' attention. As it should be, given the swelling older adult market, growing visibility with investors, and increasing attention from the federal government. Rock Health break out the 65+ in its surveys of health tech ownership. Surveys show that Americans prefer to age in their own homes, also known as aging in place. Pew Research notes that the Centenarian population will triple in the next 30 years, baby boomers are hitting ‘peak 65’ this year, and in just six years, all 72 million baby boomers will be 65+. Within that context, it will continue to be important to note new innovations that could improve their quality of life, such as:

Eve Virtual Care.  Eve Communications, Inc, a startup with a mission to provide a cure for loneliness and social isolation, today announced the official launch of Eve, a virtual companion designed for seniors and other people who live alone. Eve is available 24/7, speaks many languages fluently, and is able to chat about anything from gardening to philosophy.  Caregivers can also enjoy the benefits of Eve. Daily health check-ins, emergency assistance, and real-time updates via email or SMS ensure that your loved one is safe and secure, day and night.  Learn more at Iameve.ai.

GrandPad Grandie. Grandie is a charming, empathetic, and wise virtual companion set to revolutionize the way seniors connect, engage, and enjoy the digital world. Through an array of unique features and interactive capabilities, Grandie aims to provide a safe, delightful and compassionate experience for users. With Grandie, seniors can engage in seamless conversations, find inspiration, and discover new interests in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. Recognizing that users might not always know how to initiate interactions with AI, Grandie offers a multitude of topics as conversation entry points, ensuring an effortless experience. Learn more at GrandPad.

Kalogon Orbiter Med. Kalogon, a leader in smart seating solutions, today unveiled a new custom wheelchair cushion, Orbiter Med. It combines Kalogon’s groundbreaking Advanced Pressure Management (APM) system with the individualized postural support of a custom cushion reimbursable by insurance. Orbiter Med is custom fabricated based on each patient’s unique seating and positioning requirements - needs that can’t sufficiently be satisfied by a prefabricated seating system. Each Orbiter Med cushion features Kalogon’s groundbreaking APM system clinically proven to improve blood flow and is built to provide postural support customizations designated by a clinician, seating specialist or therapist. Read more at Kalogon.

Lotus Ring. San Francisco-based Lotus has unveiled an elegant wearable ring that transforms the way individuals interact with their home environment. This sleek ring enables users to effortlessly control lights, fans, and TVs with a simple pointing gesture, completely eliminating the need for rewiring, smartphones, or internet connectivity.  Engaged in pilot programs across the country, Lotus employs a human-centered design approach by placing Lotus Ring prototypes in the hands and homes of crucial demographics, including the 27 million Americans with limited mobility. These initiatives target older adults, veterans, and individuals with disabilities, ensuring that the technology meets diverse needs and lifestyles. Pre-order. Learn more at Lotus Ring.

Rippl. Rippl, a leading dementia-focused specialty care provider, announced it has acquired Kinto, a Boston-based, AI-enabled dementia caregiver support platform. This combination will fuel reaching an exponentially larger group of people living with dementia and their caregivers with human-centered care far beyond traditional bricks-and-mortar models. This work includes state-of-the-art Generative AI tools that augment the work of trusted care teams who guide caregivers through their incredibly challenging care journeys. Read more at Rippl Care.

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