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Five New Technology Offerings for Aging in Place – April, 2016

Home is where older adults are, and for the most part, will stay.  But that doesn’t mean they will be shut out from technology innovations – increasingly those innovations are designed to benefit those at home. Increasingly, those organizations that serve older adults must also stay current on new technology developments and assess their fit for the care recipients they serve.  Categories of these five from April include transportation, medication, housing, robotics, and tracking. Information is derived from the websites of the companies:

GoGoGrandparent. Dubbed 'Helping seniors help themselves.  On-demand startups like ride sharing service über are incredible resources for aging seniors. Until now, these services were unavailable to older adults who either didn't have or didn't want smartphones. GoGoGrandparent is making these services accessible through a technology super seniors have had for decades - a dial tone. The service began in March in California (but planned for all major cities), and is for anyone that is capable of making a phone call can go anywhere or get anything without worrying about driving, any time they’d like." Learn more at GoGoGrandparent.

Kubi. "Kubi makes video calls simpler and more engaging. Kubi turns a Tablet into web controlled Telepresence Robot that pans and tilts, letting you look around and interact with people during video calls. Kubi gives you control over remote interactions. So, you can be there in Education, Healthcare and Businesses. Kubi means Neck in Japanese. Unlike expensive, complex video conferencing systems, Kubi turns Tablets into a web controlled Telepresence Robot that pans and tilts. Kubi gives you a presence so you can look around and interact like you are there. Use Kubi Video integrated video and controls app (iOS only) or Kubi Control app with any 3rd-party video app (iOS, Android, Windows) to get intuitive, customizable controls."  Learn more from Revolve Robotics.

PillDrill, Inc.  "PillDrill is a smart medication tracking system that simplifies the task of everyday pill taking by adding a light layer of technology to the user’s existing routine. In a recent preview of the new device, PillDrill was named “Best New Home Healthcare Product 2016” by more than 100 retail pharmacy buyers at ECRM. Designed with a careful blend of technology and humanity by a team that includes a former product design engineer for the Amazon Kindle Voyage, PillDrill is easy to use, adapts seamlessly to any medication routine, and works whether a person manages their own or a loved one’s pill regimen. The core of the system is the PillDrill Hub, an attractive, compact device that sits next to your pills at home, knows your medication schedule, and issues clear audio-visual alerts when doses are due." Learn more at PillDrill.

Silvernest.  "As we get older, sometimes our houses get emptier too. Good thing Silvernest means they don’t have to stay that way. You have a life to live, and we exist to help fill your empty rooms with the type of mates your want in your space. The result? Some extra cash to keep your nest egg warm. Doing more things you love. Having company. And making the most of the home you worked so hard to build. Not to mention giving your housemate a nice place to live on a nice budget with a nice person like you—all under one roof. Silvernest boldly breaks the rules of aging so you can open your home on your own terms. We’re creating the next generation of roommates." Learn more at Silvernest.

WeTraq. "WeTraq is world’s smallest global tracking device that ensures the connection between you and your loved ones will never be lost. It is a small credit card sized tracker that combines the power of IoT(Internet of Things) with enhanced GPS to find the precise location of your loved ones and valuable possessions. You can monitor the location of your loved ones anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world and get the location notifications on your mobile phone whenever you want it by setting a location schedule on the WeTraq mobile application." Learn more at WeTraq.


Few do even basic research on seniors that result in a great product - much less look at what inspires them. 


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