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Five Recent Technology Announcements for Aging in Place

There is more to the world of aging-related technologies than CES. Seriously, can that be true? And yes, I actually know several people who asked me in the past week -- what is CES? My explanation was weak -- there were no follow-up questions. Anyway, these five companies that have been focused on technology to help older adults made recent announcements of changes to their business strategies, products, and/or branding approaches. Each in its own way offers a milestone for the industry -- but taken together, the announcements demonstrate a focus on the older adult population and new ways to deliver benefit for them by providing additional products, service innovations and partnerships during 2015. Text comes directly from company websites:

CareInnovations Health Harmony.  "Intel-GE Care Innovations™, a pioneer in connecting the care continuum to the home, today announced the launch of its latest telehealth technology system, Health Harmony. The platform simplifies remote patient monitoring by providing intuitive and easy-to-use technology that enables patients, clinicians, care providers, and family caregivers to collaborate for better care in the home and within normal daily routines.Designed leveraging consumer insights and preferences, Health Harmony connects and engages patients, their families, and clinicians through an easy to use interface where they can share health data, educational information, and best practices customized to individual situations. Every aspect of the patient’s experience has been optimized to provide an easy to get started, enjoyable consumer experience rather than a complicated, overwhelming, and off-putting set of boxes and wires that discourage use."  Learn more at Careinnovations.com.

GrandCare BetterCare branding. "In mid-December grandCARE, a pioneer in digital health and remote monitoring technology, announced its new Brand Mark called betterCARE, symbolic of grandCARE’s significant focus on better outcomes and cost-savings. grandCARE will also be featuring a new “hospital-to-home” transition program, which helps professional care providers, healthcare providers, and patients to effectively coordinate care and safely remain at home. The branding change coincides with grandCARE’s focus on better outcomes for individuals and professional care providers who want clients to remain healthier and connected at home, while reducing or avoiding unnecessary and costly doctor visits and hospitalizations.  The grandCARE betterCARE Brand Mark represents true patient centered care, using grandCARE’s three “B’s”: Better experience; Better engagement; and Better patient outcomes." Learn more at Grandcare.com.

Healthsense eNeighbor Dashboard.  "Healthsense, Inc., the fastest growing provider of technology-enabled care solutions for the senior care continuum, announced today the release of its eNeighbor® Dashboard™, a first-of-its-kind application which utilizes proprietary analytics to help providers make more informed care decisions. The eNeighbor Dashboard arms care providers with the actionable information needed to address the rising costs and challenges of caring for a clinically complex, rapidly growing senior population. It provides caregivers with access to the right data at the right time so they can deliver high quality care and reduce unnecessary costs to the healthcare system." Learn more at Healthsense.com.

Independa Caregiver Mobile App.  "At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Independa, the leader in integrated community engagement and remote care technologies, announced the launching of its mobile app solution on Apple iPhones and iPads, including integration with Apple Watch and the Apple HealthKit platform. As an early adopter of Apple Watch and HealthKit, Independa further expands its market leadership into consumer health and remote care management for the older adult generation. The Independa Mobile App will perform the same functions as the Independa Caregiver Web Application – the cloudcare platform designed specifically for organizations and individuals providing care for seniors." Learn more at Independa.com.

Lively Safety Watch. The firm announced today its "new safety watch, which redefines what people should expect of a personal emergency response (PERS) wearable. Lively has reimagined how to keep older adults safe and connected with a watch that fits an independent lifestyle and gives family members peace of mind. At a consumer-accessible price point, Lively’s safety watch includes a button for 24/7 emergency response with the added benefit of missed medication reminders, a pedometer for step counting, and more. Learn more at Mylively.com.


Was hoping for more breakthrough technologies by this time. Great evolution of monitoring devices but what about the psycho/social aspects of aging?

2015 Technology Market Overview linked here.