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Five technologies from the 2015 mHealth Summit in DC

Less mHealth and more HealthIT. When Lenovo displays a full size cutaway blade server at the entrance to its booth, you can surmise that the mHealth Summit is more IT than personal/mobile. HIMSS, the media company for health IT events, seems to have lost interest in selling booth space for their mHealth Exhibit Hall. Most visitors I talked with were disappointed at the reduced scale of the event, which is now combined with the Cybersecurity Summit, PopHealth Summit, Global mHealth Forum. Perhaps this was an optimization strategy? Free up the month of December? At any rate here are five new technologies from this event that could potentially benefit boomers and seniors, content is from the companies:

Biotricity/BioLife. "Biotricity’s preventative consumer healthcare solution, biolife, leverages the expertise gained from bioflux to help individuals track and manage their risks of cardiac issues. By aggregating medical-grade biometric data with the user's lifestyle patterns, including diet and exercise, biolife converts this information into easy-to-understand number scores for users to track their progress. Armed with this real-time feedback, enhanced by a social support system, individuals will be empowered to self-manage their disease risk – taking charge of their own health destiny." Learn not much more bit more at press release.

BlueMarbleGames. "Our system expands and enhances communication between providers and clients, to manage their care, and to track their progress in an effort to ensure therapeutic interventions are available anytime and anywhere. Our games entertain, engage, educate, and challenge physical and cognitive skills for people of all ages and abilities. With comprehensive game performance, data tracking, and analytics our games do more than offer players rewarding entertainment; they also directly update medical professionals with their client’s valuable, accurate and detailed human performance metrics. Players can play the games anywhere at any time using a mobile tablet." Learn more at Blue Marble Game Company.

CascadeConnectedCare. "Self-dubbed ‘The Internet of Things for Independent Living’, Cascade Connected Care is a powerful analytics platform connecting elderly and vulnerable people to their families, clinicians, caregivers and call centres - providing cost effective, personal and enhanced quality of care, including data fromwearable tech such as FitBit and provide detailed insight to care professionals, emergency services, GPs and families. Data from multiple settings can be aggregated and used to guide strategic planning." Learn more at Cascade 3d.

Telesofia. "Medical's proprietary platform allows healthcare providers to automatically generate branded personalized educational videos for patients. Telesofia's platform currently supports a wide variety of applications such as explaining proper use of medication, directing preparations for medical procedures, and providing discharge instructions. Videos can be personalized to each patient based on their demographics, lab results, specific medical instructions, specific product used, and more. The videos are easily integrated into existing workflows and platforms. The fully branded videos are sent to patients through text or email messages, or embedded in patient portals/apps." Learn more at Telesofia.

Pager. "Pager is a healthcare startup reinventing the traditional doctor-patient experience. Our on-demand service connects you with board-certified doctors that provide the care you need, whenever and wherever. Doctors will come to your home, office or hotel within 2 hours – a convenient alternative to crowded emergency rooms and busy doctor’s offices. The Pager app takes care of everything so the patient can focus on getting better faster." Learn more at Pager.


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