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Five technologies from 2018 Aging 2.0 Optimize

Interested in innovation in the age-related market?  You are based in the west coast or needed to be there to do other business?  Then you may have attended Aging 2.0’s annual Optimize event this week in San Francisco to hear Dr. Joseph Coughlin of the MIT Age Lab describe his insights about the Longevity Economy. And you may have viewed the pitches for partners, spoken with investors, and learned about Aging 2.0 progress in meeting its 2017-identified Grand Challenges -- augmented in 2018 with two additional, Care Coordination and Engagement. In addition, OhmniLabs won the Global Startup Competition. With that as context, here are five startups that exhibited at Aging 2.0 this week – all material is drawn from the firms' own sites:

  • Confetti. "We decided to create a platform that makes it easy to bring people together around life’s most important moments -- from birthdays, to weddings, to anniversaries or retirements -- to honor our past, celebrate the present, and get excited for what lies ahead. The team behind Confetti is part of AARP Innovation Labs, where we come up with new ideas to improve different parts of life. Our products are geared toward people of all ages, and Confetti is one of our first.”  Learn more at GiveConfetti.com.
  • Leeo. "Leeo Smart Alert™ works with the smoke, carbon monoxide and continuous tone water alarms that you already have . . . to form a fire and flood prevention dream team. If a smoke, CO or water alarm goes off, Leeo calls you instantly on your phone and tells you what’s happening. If you’re not reachable, Leeo can notify your emergency contact list directly. You or anyone on your list can respond by checking your home or calling 911." Learn more at Leeo.com.
  • OneDay. "For senior living communities:  get a branded app, choose the story to create, record your residents answering previously loaded questions. The app then creates a branded movie with music instantly. The movies are automatically uploaded to the department’s own web pages. OneDay is an enabler for senior living communities to engage residents and families in an innovative way, improve resident and employee engagement, and gain a marketing differentiator on resident tours." Learn more at OneDay.
  • Somatix. "Precision recognition of physiological and emotional symptoms via simple hand gestures. The Somatix real-time gesture detection platform utilizes sensors built into a range of wearables, predictive analytics and machine learning to passively monitor, remotely track, analyze, and deliver insights and help act on massive volumes of detected gesture data. The platform ultimately facilitates personalized CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) driven health intervention that increases individuals' treatment adherence and helps improve people's lives." Learn more at Somatix.com.
  • Seismic. "A fusion of apparel and robotics -- Lightweight, breathable and comfortable; our apparel enables wearers to overcome limitations and achieve their full physical potential. We start by keeping it simple, like getting dressed in the morning, but with a powerful processor and an integrated sensor matrix, our Powered Clothing™ is programmable, tailored to your body and lifestyle. Learn more at myseismic.com.
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