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Five technology innovations to help older adults – August 2017

As August winds down, startups wind up.  For some, maybe they still think that summer is winding down and all is quiet in business and beyond. But no -- back to school, back to work, and back to starting companies.  Aging 2.0 finalists have been announced, conference media organizations are ramping up, and a few leaves begin to turn – fall is in clearly the air and around the corner.  Before August disappears altogether and the media engines shift into gear, here are five announcements of new technologies designed to help older adults and/or their caregivers.  All material is derived from the websites of the firms:

  • OnGuardian. "Simplify how caregivers care for their loved ones by streamlining how support is delivered with a platform that is connected to home control and health monitoring devices. Inform caregivers through dashboards and notifications about the status of the home and health of their loved ones, react to emergencies and stay updated when needed. Stay confident with our Concierge Services that provide caregivers and care recipients an added level of assurance that help is always available when needed most."  Learn more at OnGuardian.
  • SayOk365.  "Notify friends and family when something is amiss. Check-in each day between 8am and 1pm (or other time that is convenient to you) and if that check-in is missed, an alert will be emailed to each person that you specify in your profile. Those alert-emails will continue for several hours until the check-in is complete, or the account is disabled automatically." Learn more at SayOkay365.
  • SensoSafe smart watch.  "The first fully automatic fall detection device that monitors heart rate, respiration rate, calories burned and step count, while providing continuous fall detection. It's smaller, lighter, sleeker and more stylish, and fully programmable for medication reminders, fitness goals and calendar. Anyone would be proud to wear one." Learn more at SensoSafe.
  • TruSense. "TruSense’s smart home technology (through Echo Dot and motion sensors) was designed to give the nearly 40 million seniors that live alone today an option that makes it easier to stay in their own homes longer, while providing their caregivers and loved ones with more information on their health and wellness when they cannot be there."  Learn more at MyTruSense.
  • Uniper Care Technologies. "Uniper's TV app enables improved communication and deeper involvement in the family circle, and increases the older person’s level of independence while maintaining dignity and privacy. We offer a holistic solution which includes a variety of services and medical and security devices which can easily simplify daily activities and needs."  Learn more at Uniper Care technologies

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