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Five Technology Innovations for Older Adults – June, 2016

As the event season winds down, let’s reflect.  Has there been a technology breakthrough this year?  Consider the 2016 conferences, including CES,  JP Morgan Health Investing, AARP LivePitch, 1 Million Cups Coffee Pitch, Digital Health Summer Summit, and soon, the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit. Just before the fall season kicks off with more startups and events, what has been interesting, new, and/or recent in the way of announcements? Here are five, all text from their own media/material:

CareSensus. "Philips CareSensus is an unique home care monitoring solution consisting of connected, discreet, non-camera based sensors placed strategically in a senior’s home to provide full-time monitoring of their daily activity, paired with a tablet-based two-way video engagement tool. Connected remote care teams such as in-home care providers or managed care organizations can spot changes from normal patterns and provide intervention before a more serious event occurs. The result is blended care—a combination of traditional hands-on care and remote care."  Learn more at Philips Healthcare.

Care3. "Care3™ is a Care-Sharing™ platform for patients, families, and their care teams to coordinate care and assist with activities of daily living.​ Care3 helps you care for your loved ones in times of need by making it easy to recruit family and friends to help, confidentially share care activities as a group, and securely coordinate care with professionals." Learn more at Care3.

Eversound. "The GLS 2.0 systems, which are sold in ten headphone sets, include a compact wireless transmitter that broadcasts the audio signal from any common audio source to all Eversound headphones within a 300-foot range. The headphones are designed to provide improved audio to seniors by concentrating on clear delivery of frequencies that are first impacted by age related hearing loss. They feature ergonomic controls and independent volume adjustment to allow users to enjoy audio content customized to their individual needs." Learn more at Eversound.

SafeBeyond. "World's first posthumous message delivery platform -- a digital time capsule that lets users record video, audio, and even written message to be accessed posthumously by their heirs and loved ones. 'A new app that calls itself the Dropbox for the hereafter alows you to do just that by creating and storing message for friends and family members that will be delivered to them at targetd moment throughout their lives, sometimes decades after you die." Learn more at SafeBeyond.

TeleCalm. ""Your parent’s phone re-imagined. teleCalmtm is the caregiver-managed phone service designed for seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementiaEven the easiest task of answering the telephone becomes a burden when dealing with this tragic disease. From reminding seniors who they are talking to on the phone to managing scammers and telemarketers, teleCalm solves the phone-related challenges of families affected by this disease. They understand the importance of keeping loved ones in contact with friends and family, which boosts their emotional and physical well-being. teleCalm helps seniors retain the dignity and confidence to continue living in place, while reducing everyday stress for their caregivers." Learn more at Telecalm


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