Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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Susan Collins speaks about tech for low vision, fall prevention, social isolation.


The company expects that figure to grow to 75% by 2025 will be 100 million households.


In most cases, people say they feel about 20% younger than they really are.


Sorting out the bigger world of digital health for consumers and patients.


Device monitoring a number of basic health metrics by way of ambient sensors.

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Four new offerings from StartUp Health

Checking out startups offerings that can benefit adults -- including older adults. StartUp Health is a New York-based accelerator fostering 'health and wellness innovation.'  Its purpose is to help entrepreneurs accepted into its Academy gain "access to customers, capital, resources, and a peer group support network." As many are observing today, if it's useful and technology-based, a startup seems likely to categorize themselves as 'health and wellness'. And some of these health and wellness innovators are specifically targeting aspects of care that can be very helpful to all, but could be particularly useful for older adults.  All information comes from the websites of the companies themselves:

Oxitone – chronic disease wrist monitor. "For a rapidly growing chronically ill population Oxitone is developing the world's first medical grade personalized wrist monitor which provides automatic, continuous wireless monitoring of blood oxygen, pulse rate, activity, sleep and breathing pattern and generates alerts in emergency situations to facilitate early clinical intervention. Oxitone proprietary wrist blood sensing technology to replace an irritating fingertip probe facilitates patient compliance and enables 24/7 continuous medical supervision anytime, anywhere throughout daily activity and sleep." Learn more at

Careplanners – providing care advisors. "CarePlanners helps patients and caregivers better navigate their experience with the healthcare system using a combination of personal services and online tools. Their staff provides one-on-one support in the areas of senior services, serious illness, a hospital stay, or medical bills to clarify and simplify the healthcare system. CarePlanners is a member of StartUp Health’s incubator program and is a portfolio investment of Oxeon Investments LLC."  Learn more at

RespondWell – guiding rehab therapists. "Our solution provides the therapist easy-to-use tools to prescribe a rehab routine that is engaging, personalized, and available anywhere. The patient’s routine is delivered through a touch screen device and presents a friendly virtual therapist that instructs the patient on correct technique while encouraging the patient throughout the routine. Automation of exercise instruction becomes standardized and consistent across the organization and enables the therapist to focus on patient health. The built-in tiered authority model gives provider control over system features and access while reports can be filtered by patient, therapist, location, and organization."  Learn more at

HelloMD – cash marketplace of world’s top doctors. "HelloMD is a marketplace of the best doctors, advisors and treatment options from around the globe. This $40B cash market (medical tourism and second opinions) is poorly served by technology today.  Just as Ebay created the market for online auctions, HelloMD will dramatically expand access to global healthcare by creating a friction-free marketplace for cash-based treatment options. The HelloMD Telehealth platform is already developed and deployed with two paying healthcare customers. We are now onboarding treatment centers and doctors from around the world into our marketplace." Learn more at


It will be interesting to see how HelloMD gets on. There's a proliferation of sites offering practitioner listings but there's a real variety in the quality control that goes with being included in these listings. In the early stages of such a business, with cash flow struggles, there's a risk of just accepting the doctors who are willing to pay to be included. We will see.

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