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Interactive television offerings in 2022 for health and wellbeing

For older adults, television is a solid rock in an ever-shifting technology landscape. Approximately half of the older adult population has a smart TV – a common platforms used to stream Internet services without an associated specialty box like Apple TVRoku or Chromecast. And the rest may have standard TV with attached streaming devices. Smart TVs, a treasure trove of data, according to Elizabeth Parks, CEO of Parks Associates, can also deliver access to telehealth services, share family photos, and provide engagement for older adults who may be homebound. Alternatively, a device can be connected to a TV to enable an organization or family to connect directly with older adults who may not be comfortable with smartphones, tablets or smart speakers.. Here are six TV-based offerings for older adults – in alphabetical order, all information is from the companies’ websites or press releases:

Caavo. "Caavo's TV-connected platform brings video calls, wellness checks and assistance requests to any TV (even if the screen is off) and allows remote control of the TV from anywhere. Staff and families can see a real-time view of what’s playing on the resident’s TV and use the virtual Caavo remote to control the TV and navigate other Caavo features from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Staff can automatically start video calls to provide an emergency response without depending upon the senior to answer." Learn more at Caavo.

Independa. "The Independa Health Hub enables LG smart TVs to offer an intuitive interface for users to initiate a video chat with a caregiver or access a menu of relevant professional services. Pop-up notifications inform when someone is calling, and personal alerts can be set up for more reminders. Professional services available on Independa include Dentulu (online dental consultation), Capital Rx (discount pharmacy platform), Coverdell (dental insurance benefits), WebMD (medical grade educational videos) and Sprio100 (fitness programs for seniors)." Learn more at Independa.

MedSign. "MedSign’s flagship product Qortex is the first TV-based telehealth platform that virtually connects hospitals, medical professionals, home care agencies and pharmaceutical companies with their patients 24/7, enabling real-time video, voice, and vital sign monitoring all in the comfort and safety of home. In addition, the system enables video calls from friends and relatives to be received through the television set, which can lessen feelings of isolation and improve mental wellness." Learn more at MedSign.

ONSCREEN. "ONSCREEN has created a unique video calling and communication platform that brings video calls to any TV and enhances the experience by taking advantage of the largest screen in a home. Whether making video calls through ONSCREEN's secure network, or hosting and joining Zoom meetings, using the TV as the main screen can feel as if you're together in the same room, having a real-life, in-person visit. This is achieved through the combination of the company's ONSCREEN Spark TV Smart Camera, their iOS and Android apps, and their robust global infrastructure." Learn more at ONSCREEN.

Saltbox TV. "Saltbox TV a free streaming service dedicated to connecting older adults with diverse, informative, and engaging programming. Through a simple and user-friendly platform, Saltbox TV welcomes even those with no technical experience. Saltbox TV hosts various programs from music, faith, classic film & television, lifelong learning, wellness, documentaries, arts and crafts, Saltbox Originals, and everything in between." Learn more at Saltbox TV.

UniperCare. "Uniper Care is a leading provider of age-at-home, TV-based and mobile-based solution for care delivery and social engagement. Uniper’s technology-enabled services include live and interactive health and wellness content, HIPAA compliant video telehealth, remote assessments, family communication, and peer-led groups. Uniper Care provides an end-to-end solution that transforms a TV or mobile device into an interactive connectivity hub." Learn more at UniperCare.


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Great post. Read it on your blog the other day, and you are right on, as usual! Awesome.

Great reading from Laurie Orlov - industry leader and amazing thinker and curator of all things health and technology, sharing more about some of the key players in health and interactive tv.


Well as most of you know our company pioneered interactive TV for seniors from 1999-2005, ultimately merging with the McKesson Patient Vision platform. After the merger of WebTV with Microsoft we used a MSFT TV embedded NT set-top box to deliver our services over a dial-up connection to the TV in the resident's home. We offered a community intranet and external Internet/Web access. It's still hard to believe this technology has not been widely adopted by the senior living industry.


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