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Introducing -- new blogger -- Liz Boehm of Forrester Research!

Adding an expert to this blog! I am so excited -- Liz Boehm, Principal Analyst extroardinaire at Forrester Research, would like to contribute her insights on aging in place and I am so pleased to have her write and to introduce her to readers.  I'll let her explain it herself -- why writing about this matters to her, but this is great for those of us who care about the topic and want to accelerate the pace of understanding and adoption. 

Here's a portion of her bio from the Forrester website:

Elizabeth Boehm, Principal Analyst.

Liz leads Forrester's healthcare and life sciences research community and her own research focuses on several topics within the area of healthcare customer experience. She works with national and regional health plans to improve Web site usability and decision support for members, employers, providers, and brokers. Her research and consulting helps health plans drive administrative efficiency and loyalty, as well as uncover emerging best practices around technology-mediated wellness and disease management.

Liz also leads Forrester's research on healthcare unbound — technologies in, on, and around the body that free care from formal institutions. This burgeoning technology field includes sensor technology, wearable computing, and home-based health and wellness monitoring solutions.

Finally, Liz researches usability and technology adoption for seniors, as well as document and device usability, particularly as they relate to healthcare and life sciences.

Liz has been a featured and highly rated speaker at national healthcare events. She is frequently quoted in such leading publications as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal."

Whoopee! Go Liz!



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