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Recently launched technology for aging in place

Innovation is alive and well in the aging in place technology space although it hasn't all been recently catalogued here.  So catching up with some recent press releases and product announcements from the April to June timeframe, here are more technologies for helping older adults. Each of these will include information from the vendor and a link to learn more at their website -- in addition, you may find a vendor press release in that category of this site (lower right side of home page). In no particular order:

1. MemoTouch. (Reminders, device) "Memo is a device that sits out in plain sight, on a kitchen table or next to a favorite chair. Memo displays important information that people with memory loss are likely to forget, including: Current day, date and time, Important reminders—anything that weighs on the elder’s mind, today’s schedule and to-do list,fFrequently-called phone numbers, pills to take. The Memo recipient needs no computer skills—information appears automatically on the device." Merilee Griffin, CEO. Learn more at MemoTouch.com

2. VoiceFriend.  (Reminders, device) "VoiceFriend is a total communications solution for the community built around a flexible calendaring system.  It is powerful yet easy to use, enabling meaningful communication between your community residents and their families and staff through any combination of voice, text, or email.  A comprehensive scheduling tool coupled with flexible, highly efficient delivery options, VoiceFriend allows more productive use of staff time and an efficient delivery system for communications to Seniors, Family, Staff and Prospects.  And, because it is cloud based, intuitive and available directly from the web, there is no software to install and learning to use the system is easy." Bruce Baron, CEO.  Learn more at VoiceFriend.

3. Ohanarama. (Online games) "Ohanarama is a (free) safe and fun environment where family and friends come together for great (and educational!) gameplay and a playful social atmosphere. At Ohanarama you can challenge or be challenged by family members in age appropriate gameplay. You and your family can also work together as a team and challenge other families for bragging rights. At Ohanarama, our goal is to connect families around the world with a social, fun, all-inclusive online experience." Jane Hoffer, CEO. Learn more at Ohanarama.com.

4. Seniorama.  (Computers, ease of use) "Seniorama Pointer includes basic computer applications such as Email, Internet, Photo Gallery, Skype™ and more - "tailored" for the elderly with large, clear, friendly user interface - with enhanced accessibility in mind. Seniorama transforms normal PCs into intuitive, easy-to-use machines from start-up to shutdown, in a way that is most suited for seniors and anyone who may have visual problems, learning difficulties, cognitive impairment or, unfortunately, a neurological disease of some sort."  Shalom Ben Moshe, CEO. Learn more at Softarama.com.

5. Added Care Servces. (Computers, ease of use) "Allows older adults and the disabled to safely remain in their homes by enabling family members and caregivers to remotely monitor key health and activity parameters while also enjoying social interactivity.The fully integrated, fully-serviced Added Care Assistant – featuring an appealing, touch screen interface that requires no computer familiarity – is designed to be easier to use, easier to maintain and easier to afford than any complete system currently available." Cristy Lamb, President. Learn more at AddedCareServices.com.

6. Serality. (CCRC and senior services infrastructure) "Serality provides community-management software and private online communities for organizations whose missions include serving older adults. The company’s integrated tools allow communities to be more efficient with their resources and more effective in fulfilling their missions. Serality’s community-of-communities provides a forum for community leaders to exchange information, form working groups to accomplish specific tasks, and combine their economic and political clout to make change." Ed Rose, CEO. Learn more at Serality.com.

7. MISTY.  (Computers, ease of use) "A health and wellness platform for seniors, families, and/or facilities. MISTY is a patented, intuitive touchscreen technology software and service that runs on a Hewlett-Packard Touch Smart personal computing device, which can also be used as a television and DVD player. This innovative solution is placed in a senior’s home or living facility." Rob Dublin, SVP Sales.  Learn more at Parental Health.


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