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In the senior care market, Aging 2.0 has become a very big deal

Aging 2.0, from very small to very big.  Begun in 2012 through the efforts of Katy Fike and Stephen Johnston.  The goal: address the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging. In 2021, Aging 2.0, at that point with “40,000-plus innovators in 130 chapters across 31 countries”, was acquired by the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council.  Despite denial that this acquisition was not changing the mission, it has migrated from its long-time loosely connected chapters with a few members here to a thousand there. Louisville ownership has transformed both its members and sponsorship -- senior living, skilled nursing, healthcare, insurers.  Here are five exhibitors/content from the Aging 2.0 Optimize event beginning today in Louisville:

Duos. "The DUOS platform aggregates more than 100,000 unique Medicare benefits, local community resources, and government programs, alongside data and programming specific to your plan. Our AI-powered recommendation engine surfaces the best-fit resource for the individual’s unique aging needs." Learn more 

How’s Mom. "Serve your residents and families with direct and robust communications—find out how to create better connections. We are already integrated with your EHR and make it easy to configure and automate getting information to relevant stakeholders."   Learn more. 

Hippo Mobility. "Hospitals in the USA are struggling with lack of timely availability of the proper non-emergency patients (NEPTS) transportation. As a result, even after the discharge, patients are sometimes waiting more than 12 hours. Sometimes it’s become expensive to the payers and insurance companies. Hippo Mobility with its medically trained drives and staff offers clean, hygienic, safe, hassle-free, cost-effective, and immediate (within 15 minutes turn around time) discharge transportation from hospitals." Learn more.  

PacIQ. "Empowering evidence-based intelligent decision-making through transparency and accuracy, our clinically developed SaaS products ease the burdens of often tedious clinical and administrative processes. This is accomplished through enabling actionable insights and workflows necessary for care providers to quickly and efficiently connect patients to the best care possible. Utilizing a centralized workflow hub, disparate staff and systems can work together to drive consistency and operational success."  Learn more.    

WatchRx Medication Adherence. "Two-thirds of medication non-adherence is due to inattention and procrastination that often result in hospitalization. WatchRx visual medication reminders and caregiver notifications help keep seniors and chronically ill patients compliant with their medication regimen." Learn more.

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