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Seven technology offerings from 2017 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit

Startups and pitches – for funding and more.  Last week was the start of a boomer-senior two week marathon – the 2017 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit, Business Plan Competition and associated pre-conference Boot Camps – to be followed this week by TechDay at IAGG 2017.  Here are seven that played a role at the Silicon Valley event in Berkeley, some just (barely, and not yet) starting, some related to the needs, including manufacturing, for startups. The material is extracted from the content of these companies:

  • Blue Willow Systems. "As a senior you deserve to maintain a quality of life that includes independence, socialization and mobility. More and more seniors are moving into assisted living facilities and care homes. You and your family will want to ensure you are being taken care of in a safe, comfortable environment. Three primary concerns of seniors and family members who consider assisted living are safety, independence and peace of mind. The BWS Blue System provides the confidence to ensure your safety and superior care as a resident." Learn more at Blue Willow Systems.
  • Flex. "A Sketch to Scale™ Solutions provider, Collaborative innovation is key to success in today’s rapidly changing world. Flex has built a robust ecosystem of innovation partners, which includes technology manufacturers, startups, software and application providers, research institutions, universities and Flex innovation labs. Whether your idea is fully developed or simply a back-of-the-napkin sketch, our ecosystem of experts will work with you to realize the full potential of your product." Learn more at Flex.
  • FallSAFETY App.  "FallSafety Pro leverages powerful technology in your phone to detect sudden movements that indicate a fall. Precise calibration and the ability to manually cancel an alarm minimize risk of false alarms. FallSafety Pro features two distinct alarms. The first countdown alarm lets you know you have 45 seconds to say you are ok. The second siren alarm helps rescuers find your exact location." Learn more at FallSafety.
  • Kytera.  "An advanced remote monitoring system for seniors who live at home, that automatically detects emergency and distress situations as they happen. The system is based on Contextual Activity Analysis technology and it consists of a wristband and easy-to-install sensors." Not yet available. Learn more at KyteraTech.
  • Memory Well.  "MemoryWell is an online media company telling the stories of aging family members — and they don’t necessarily have to be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. They partner with different retirement homes to tell the stories of consenting members (and families), and they also offer a consumer-facing product for families who want their loved one remembered, even if their loved one isn’t in one of these partnering homes. The stories are aimed at not only helping a family member keep the memory of their loved ones alive, but they’re also meant to act as supplements to questionnaires.” Learn more at MemoryWell.
  • Mentia/Deva. "D​​eva is a dementia-friendly world for you and your loved one to explore. It's especially designed to encourage people significantly challenged by dementia to express and connect using a touchscreen tablet. DEVA (Patent Pending) is designed for a player and a supporter. Play together and share the journey - or you may find that once started, players manage without assistance. Supporters will gauge how much help is needed as their players explore the Deva world." Not yet available.  Learn more at Mentia.
  • Neurotrack.  "At Neurotrack, our neuroscientists, neuropsychologists and engineers have validated and adapted Dr. Zola's breakthrough research into a 5-minute online assessment. We use your computer’s camera (webcam) to track your eye movements and viewing patterns while you watch a series of images on your computer screen. We analyze that data to give you a baseline score of your brain health and then, through future tests, help you track it over time."  Learn more at Neurotrack.


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