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Six New Technologies for Aging in Place

Center for Tech and Aging Builds a Mobile Health Program. “Mobile health (mHealth) technologies hold great promise for helping health care providers deliver high-quality, targeted care to aging Americans with chronic conditions. The Center for Technology and Aging ( today launched a comprehensive online mHealth Toolkit that offers key resources to organizations that want to develop a best-in-class mHealth program for chronic disease management.  The mHealth Toolkit contains vetted techniques for using mHealth interventions in many health care settings for individuals with a range of chronic care needs.” Learn more at Center for Technology and Aging.

Earl™ The Voice Driven iPhone & iPad Newsreader App is free. “Angle llc, the producer of Earl™ ; has decided after the initial tests of Earl™  from our soft launch that the iPhone and iPad newsreader app will be offered as a free download for a limited time. the user is sight-impaired, commuting, or someone who just wants quality up-to-date news and information delivered to them in a non-robotic voice our goal at Angle llc with Earl™  has been to make a seamless reader application for Apple devices.” Learn more at

Lively introduces activity-sharing products that connect older adults and their families. "Lively brings together an in-home passive sensor technology solution and LivelyGram, a printed mailer,which form the basis of an ongoing activity-sharing connection between generations. Its hardware uses cellular technology to communicate with passive sensors placed around the home that blend into the background to learn and share an older adult’s normal daily routine, such as when medications are taken, time spent out of the house, or eating and drinking activity in the kitchen. Notifications and an at-a-glance online display easily update the user and the circle of people whom they choose to share their activities." Learn more at

iPad app offers new way for tech-resistant seniors to connect with family, friends. "A new iPad app that’s free to download and use will keep technologically challenged seniors in safe, simple and easy electronic touch with their friends, children and grandkids. ConnectMyFolks delivers email, texts, photos and videos instantly to technophobes of all ages, though it’s designed to be used by people 65 and older." Learn more at ConnectMyFolks.

App savvy seniors tap BugMe! Stickies for jotting reminder notes. "Contrary to the stereotype of seniors avoiding modern technologies, many are embracing social media, smartphones, tablets and apps. With Facebook and Skype, retirees can stay in touch with family and friends from afar, and with the BugMe! Stickies app, they can jot quick reminder notes to themselves just like they’ve done for decades – but with the benefit of setting alert tones to ensure they remember everything important to maintain their healthy lifestyles." Learn more at

Caregiver relief on the way – Smartphone app Unfrazzle to be released in May. "Unique in the caregiving market, Unfrazzle focuses on easing the mental burden of everyday caregiving. It provides unprecedented flexibility to help users remember and track their day-to-day caregiving tasks; and connectivity, with rich privacy controls, with co-caregivers to keep everyone in-sync. Unfrazzle users can invite family members and others to join their Unfrazzle network and they can assign different tasks to their co-caregivers." Learn more at

All of the above descriptions (in quotes) are from the vendors' websites.


It would be great to add our app to the list. Postcards for families is a suite of mobile and web apps designed to keep the entire family connected. The iPad app is made specifically for seniors where they receive digital Postcards from family members- just an older and new button that can be customized for people with poor dexterity, hearing or eyesight. Family and friends can send photos, videos and messages directly from their smartphones, computers or using their browser button. Family can send content from sites such as facebook and even YouTube. Our website includes product demos here: and is free for the entire family (just search Postcards seniors in the iTunes or Google Play stores).

A story about how Postcards works: Last week we had the opportunity to meet Edna and talk to her family. Her grand-daughter was graduating on May 4th, but she wasn’t well enough to attend. Her whole family would be there, updating their facebook status, tweeting, posting photos to Instagram but she would get the photos weeks later, if at all. Instead, Edna’s family was sending photos and video to her from their smartphones as it was happening. She just sat back and watched them arrive on her iPad via Postcards. Instead of feeling isolated, she was a part of the event.

Thanks for the nice (new) list of apps for older adults. As an instructor of technology to seniors, I will be letting them know about some of these. The adult children will be interested in many as well.

The Resident Portal is currently used in several hundred senior living communities across America and Canada. We are launching our iPad app for the Resident Portal in July. The Resident Portal iPad app helps residents send and receive messages and media, web video conference and allows family to also view certain aspects of the system the resident wants to share with them such as Wellness Program status, My Health or personal health information, and other private information keeping residents close to families in a variety of ways. Residents also use it to participate in community groups, exercise their brains using various entertainment features and more. Staff uses the iPad app to engage residents with technology as well as use it for group activities using Apple TV.

Learn more at

Caretree Senior Home Care Services offers an app and web based platform for care communication and collaboration between all of the care stakeholders (families, doctors, and caregivers).

Holivision has the first iPad App with two proven falls prevention exercise programs in the app, it's also available in a DVD. One of the best ways to reduce the #1 cause of injury-related deaths is to use globally available technology.