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Six New Technologies for Aging in Place

The fall is an event extravaganza – and oh, tech products to consider. Taking a look at AgeTech West in November, the mHealth Summit upcoming in December and the recent Health 2.0 and Connected Health Symposium events – and coming in 2014, there will be both Digital Health and Silvers Summit at CES. So as not to miss too many, here are a few selected from the near-term events, as always, hoping to avoid the not-yet-launched as well as including those for caregivers as well as care recipients. And please note – the descriptions of these come from the websites of the companies. Hint to founders – a website that starts with video is a bit lean. Paragraphs of text would help viewers better understand the value proposition – and be searchable!

CareAtHand. "Care at Hand empowers $10/hr lay caregivers to prevent $10,000 hospital admissions. While lay home care workers perform household chores for elderly patients, they use tablets to observe and record the health of their patients. We combine this data with our predictive algorithms to allow care coordinators to intervene when a patient looks like their health is worsening." For use by home care workers -- Founders, Jeffrey Levy, and Andrey Ostrovsky, MD. Learn more at Careathand.com.

CareSolver. "CareSolver's Care Plan Library covers the health conditions affecting seniors along with the other non-health related aspects of providing care, including financing and budgeting, legal, and finding free resources. CareSolver's CareEngine will draw from the Care Plan Library to generate a personalized care plan tailored to you and your Loved One's specific circumstances in minutes." For family caregivers -- Founders, Arick Morton, Grant Hamm, and Shana Hoffman. Learn more at Caresolver.com.

OmadaHealth (Prevent). "Based on the landmark NIH-sponsored Diabetes Prevention Program, Prevent builds on over a decade of research in disease prevention and behavior change. The Prevent program is engaging and easy to use. We provide digital tracking tools, personalized coaching, and social support to motivate and sustain healthy behaviors. By working to stop diabetes before it starts, Prevent aims to curb the impact of the largest preventable health care cost. And it works: on average, our participants lose 6% of their body weight in just 16 weeks, exceeding clinical results and putting them on the path toward lifelong health." Founders – many. Learn more at Omadahealth.com.

OpenPlacement, Inc. "We provide seniors, families and care coordinators real-time information & tools so they can find the right senior housing and home care provider. Whether it's finding the right assisted living, nursing home, dementia care or helping with your at home care needs, OpenPlacement provides you with the information and support you need to make care transitions easy." Founders, Daniel Trigub, Justin Usher, and Dominic Scotto. Learn more at Openplacement.com.

StoryWorth. "Family stories bring us closer together. They help our children understand where they come from and what their family values are, and let grandparents connect with their grandchildren. Invite up to 6 family members to write their stories by email or on the web, recording audio stories with phone calls, uploading pictures and audio files, saving and editing stories on storyworth.com."  Founder – Nick Baum. Learn more at Storyworth.com.

WalkJoy. "WalkJoy/WalkingHealth is a device & diagnostic platform that addresses fall risks, Peripheral Neuropathy and other walking health problems. This unique platform reduces unhealthy walking conditions and their related healthcare costs. WalkJoy exists as the only clinically-proven means of restoring gait and balance for people with PN. Simultaneously developed WalkingHealth is an easy and accurate platform that provides real-world/real-time diagnostics that are efficacious in all walking health applications." Founder – Blane Tomlinson, David Eckhous, Joe McKnight. Learn more at Walkjoy.com.


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