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Six technologies from 2017 Aging 2.0 and GuideWell Innovation

Two November events highlight competitions and new firms.  GuideWell Innnovation's Health+Accel event in Orlando concluded on November 3 with a pitch competition from "GuideWell Innovation CoRE. During the first four days, entrepreneurs obtained insight into the dynamic needs and relationships between insurers and providers, discover unique opportunities within the space and explore best practices from experienced industry leaders."  And Aging 2.0's Optimize event this week in San Francisco offering "cutting edge content, networking and partnership opportunities to make this a high-value event for anyone interested in innovation and aging." Combing through the companies featured in each competition, here are examples of six startups that have not previously been mentioned on this site, some of which may not yet be available. The material is from the startups themselves:

  • Vielight. "Vielight offers affordable home-use low-risk wellness devices based on near infrared (NIR) light. Early clinical evidence shows its potential to improve cognition and functions in Alzheimer patients. We combine science with engineering ingenuity to develop devices that incorporate novel methods of delivering photons to the brain and inner systems." Learn more at Vielight
  • Sofihub. "Sofihub is a digital assisted living solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sensor technology to support seniors to live independently. Sofihub is the command centre for your home connected to the most important people in your life." Learn more at Sofihub.
  • Onist. "Onist's platform connects stakeholders in a household -- spouses, parents, siblings, and their financial professionals--to their important financial data and documents." Learn more at Onist.
  • OhmniLabs. "Advanced and affordable home robots to transform aging-in-place experience by providing a revolutionary way that families and caregivers can communicate and interact with older adults." Learn more at Ohmnilabs.
  • Kaizen Health. "Kaizen Health has developed a web-based logistics hub that allows hospital discharge and care coordination staff to easily schedule transportation for patients to and from the hospital and follow-up appointments. It provides easy access to transportation through its diverse fleet of rideshare/taxis, wheelchair accessible vehicles and non-emergency ambulances." Learn more at Kaizen Health.
  • Catalia Health. Catalia Health is a patient care management company that provides Mabu, an easy-to-use, voice enabled wellness coach robot that is able to have conversations with patients in their homes to deepen patients’ engagement in their health and wellness and empower them in self-care." Learn more at Catalia Health.

Comments from London, offering:

"Unforgettable can help on every step of the dementia journey with practical advice, specialised products and a supportive community."



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