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 These devices 'help them maintain independence long into retirement.'


Including new VR glasses and hearing aid tech.


Half a billion so far this year.


Two co-living communities set to break ground this year seek to address loneliness.


Includes OrCam My-Eye reader.

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Ten new technologies for aging in place

Rounding up from a series of press releases, encounters and other notifications accumulated over the past few months, from the very small firm to the very large, from the very new to the very new release, here are some new technologies and/or services that may be new to you, for use by or in support of older adults.  All material is from the vendor published information:

Doro PhoneEasy -- smartphone for seniors. "The first new Doro PhoneEasy® 740 for seniors or those looking for a more streamline Smartphone is truly state-of-art. This new Android 3G slider Smartphone combines unique features that distinguish it from any other mobile device. It is the first Smartphone that is easy to sync and to manage through the cloud allowing its end-users the flawless experience of the world of touch, with the support of tactile keys and dial pad as a complement - the best of two worlds."  Learn more at

Home Care Assistant. "Home Care Assistance is the leading provider of home care for seniors across the United States and Canada. Our mission is to change the way the world ages. We provide older adults with quality care that enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in Live-In care. We embrace a positive, balanced approach to aging centered on the evolving needs of older adults. A 2012 Franchise500® Company, Home Care Assistance has received numerous industry awards including Entrepreneur's Fastest-Growing Franchises and Franchise Business Review's Top 50franchise." For more information visit

Necesity. "The Florida company has developed a system of sensors linked with an artificial intelligence algorithm that is able to learn the senior’s habits and detect patterns that could indicate a fall or loss of consciousness and initiate a personal response protocol if necessary. Designed specifically for seniors who live alone, the Necesity system solves this problem in a non-intrusive yet effective way. The solution includes a series of infrared, pressure and magnetic sensors which are installed in the older person’s home and are connected wirelessly to a central processing unit. Thanks to a patented artificial intelligence algorithm, the system silently learns the senior’s daily routines and compares their activity with patterns that could indicate a fall or loss of consciousness." Learn more at

LivIndependa. "The new service brings together LivHOME’s professionally led approach to care management with the latest tablet-computer based technology, developed by Independa, Inc. It is designed for older adults who require some level of support maintaining health, safety and quality of life in their own homes but do not yet require at-home caregiving. The service effectively extends LivHOME’s ability to provide care to a new generation of seniors." Learn more at

BAM Labs. "BAM Labs, the innovator in touch-free connected care, announced today the Touch-free Life Care™ System that puts smart bed technology within reach of every care facility. By transforming any conventional bed into a smart bed, BAM Labs' TLC System™ empowers caregivers to remotely monitor residents based on their health management needs -- without attaching anything to the person's body. The TLC sensor mat is placed under any bed mattress and continuously transmits the person's "bio-signal" to the TLC analysis cloud. The TLC System analyzes this data to track heart rate, breathing rate, motion and presence. The TLC System incorporates multiple applications that support health management programs, such as fall reduction, pressure sore prevention and rehabilitation programs." Learn more at

TaskAssure. "TaskAssure is suitable for use either by individuals hiring helpers directly, or by organizations that manage home services. It allows the client to authenticate and track helpers during the performance of a task, and to collect evidence of their work, including location, time on site, photographs of completed work, and or voice/video clips from people on location. During the task, the client receives status updates and alerts as email or mobile phone text messages. Afterwards, you can review task information prior to approving payment, or use the information as proof of performance for insurance or other purposes." Learn more at

FamilyRibbon. "Released as an easy-to-use application for the Apple iPad, the software comes with an intuitive interface that makes it accessible to people regardless of their age. Whether seniors or children, Family Ribbon has been developed to keep them close to their families online via various social networking and communication destinations. Remote administration enables adult children to set up application remotely on a family member's iPad." Learn more at

Mobile HERO 24-7. "Mobile HERO 24-7, an Android Mobile Phone App, converts an Android Phone into a Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device.  If a fall occurs,  an automatic fall detection coded alert goes out  to 24-7 emergency call center, along with the GPS location of the incident .  If a medical or police emergency happens,  the subscriber touches either the medical or police icons and a coded alert also goes out to a 24-7 emergency call center, along with the GPS location of the incident .  The call center operator then ascertains the type of emergency that has occurred and contacts the appropriate emergency response, if needed." Learn more at

CareLinx. "CareLinx is a secure online community that empowers clients to directly connect with caregivers and manage their home care services online.The Web-based system seeks to match independent care providers with those who need help. You won’t yet find caregivers for every location, but you can help make this resource more valuable by encouraging caregivers you know to participate." Learn more at

Philips Senior Living Solutions.  "Philips Senior Living Solutions provides a complete line of resident safety products, software and services specifically designed for Senior Living communities. Our focus is on the safety, health and wellness of residents in independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities." Learn more at Philips Senior Living.


Nice Laurie, 10 'easy to read'

How many do you see as cutting an edge?

Are they responding to a need or, better, is there demand?

Have a good long weekend! Louis Tenenbaum

Alzheimer caregivers need help. Yet, nobody has creatively assembled 21st century technology to help them cope
The Alzheimer iCaregiver foundation needs a $100k startup contributor to assemble,test and provide helpful tech solutions as soon as possible.

Peter - are you saying that the Alz Assn HAS $100K to fund a tech startup or are you suggesting that they need one?

My Mother had Alzheimer’s.

I became aware of the Alzheimer’s Association.

It doesn’t provide a tech-enabled caregiver support solutions to its membership.

I believe 21st century digital technologies can and should be bundled into an innovative support system for caregivers coping with Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, last year I registered the Alzheimer iCaregiver Foundation in Utah to seek a $100k startup contributor.

This funding would enable me to pursue the design, development, and user-testing of a local network of Tablets programmed to help local Alzheimer’s caregivers. If it's successful, I'd attempt to raise more funding and offer it nationally.

Peter -- we are on the same page. please contact me directly if you would like to discuss a collaboration (

I don't have AD*. But as a retired professional social worker, I have a lot of interest in AD. I make no claims for expertise in AD. But I feel safe to say that AD is topic of a lot of speculation and research. The basic cause remains unknown. Also, effective treatment remains less than certain. I have questions regarding the onset of AD. Is AD unique to "old age" or those past the age of 65? I am familiar with cases of AD beginning prior to "old age." There seems to be a form of dementia that is unique to "old age." The distinction between AD and dementia is not very clear. Before effective treatment with technology can progress, I believe diagnostic and clinical boundaries between AD and "old age" dementia need to be strengthened. Simply stated, I tend to view AD as a medical condition that can be treated with medications while "old age" dementia is more a condition or state of mind requiring long term care and planning. This view is strictly my personal opinion. *AD - Alzeimers Disease.

The Doro phone sounds great for Tech savvy seniors. There are also simpler cellphones for seniors who can't cope with any technological challenge. The best are Jitterbug and Tracfone SVC

Another great technology is the medical alert system. These devices allow the elderly to remain independent and active longer by providing them with emergency response at the touch of a button. A base unit in the home and a small alert button worn around the wrist or neck allows a senior to contact a team of trained emergency responders in the event of a fall or other emergency.

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