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Ten Technologies from CES 2012

Just in case you thought you ran into me -- I wasn't there. But I got a kick out of Wayne Caswell's CES in Pajamas blog post, David Pogue's Sampling the Future of Gadgetry (wow, it really is a showcase for "tablets, thin TV screens, superthin laptops and Android phones") and then there were the 25 robots -- three of which were related to healthcare. So that led me to plow through more 'zone lists' and offer a paragraph about each of ten companies/products from A to Z that are recent/new to me -- and may be new to you. The link goes to their website, the text is theirs:

Amp Hearing Aid. "AMP is a new kind of hearing aid - one so tiny it fits invisibly in your ear canal where no one can see it. It's comfortable, works well with many levels of hearing loss and was designed specifically for first-time hearing aid users."

Audax Health. "At Audax Health™, we believe that you, the consumer, should be an active participant in your health. And you could be, if it was easy to find and use the information you needed. And if it was, quite frankly, more fun. We decided to put healthcare on its ear. To look at it from the outside in, not from the inside out. We applied the things you love about social networking and online gaming and married it to healthcare."

Fitbit Aria. "With Fitbit’s free online and mobile tools, you can see your weight trends with graphs and charts. With Fitbit Aria, you can control how much and what data you share. Explore what Fitbit Aria can offer; set weight goals, log food and workouts, earn badges, and connect and share with friends."

Livio Radio. "Livio Radio was launched in 2008 in founder and CEO Jake Sigal’s guest bedroom with the goal of making Internet radio products easy for his baby boomer parents to use. In 2009, Livio Radio launched several successful products at the International Consumer Electronics Show including branded tabletop radios like the Livio Radio featuring Pandora and The NPR Radio by Livio.  After the success of home products, Livio set its sights on the next frontier for Internet radios and apps – the car."

Misfit Wearables. Too new for much, other than the John Sculley investment: "Vu says it’s for a chronic health condition, and he expects it will have a reimbursement code so that insurers will cover its cost. Sonny Vu has created other medical devices that attach to iOS devices. Previously his work with AgaMatrix saw him create a blood sugar meter for diabetes patients that also plugs into the iPhone or iPod touch."

QoLT Foundry - various robots. Through their QoLT Foundry, the Quality of Life Technology Engineering Research Center (ERC) has developed an exemplary review and vetting process to move university-based research to commercialization,” said Barbara Kenny, the National Science Foundation program director overseeing the center’s grants. “We’re pleased to see the QoLT ERC bring these engineering innovations, spin-off companies, and translational research projects more directly into the public eye."

TelyHD. Skype through TV: "telyHD combines everything into a single easy to use device that connects to your HDTV. No computer required. The single-box solution features a wide-angle HD camera, four microphones with noise cancellation, built-in Wi-Fi or wired Internet connectivity, a remote, and all cables. telyHD does not require a computer or any additional hardware; simply link it to your home network and plug it into your HD TV. telyHD sits discreetly on top of the TV or can be placed on a nearby shelf or tripod. It has a fully adjustable clamp that will fit perfectly on any size TV."

Virtual Health. "Virtual Health offers two suites of services tailored based on your level of need. Both service bundles offer a physician-driven plan of care, vital sign monitoring by our nationally recognized care coordinators, a 1-800 # Nurse Advice Line, and equipment rental available in a monthly payment contract. ."

Zeo. "Zeo is designed to help you analyze your sleep and improve it, so you can be your best every day. It’s composed of a lightweight wireless headband, a bedside display, a set of online analytical tools, and an email-based personalized coaching program."

Zomm. "During any emergency, the Personal Safety Concierge by ZOMM® will contact your family and friends with status updates and route the nearest emergency assistance to your exact location - when seconds matter."

This is just a sampling - there were many other products exhibited at Silvers Summit (including many members of the AgeTek Alliance -- which had its original launch at a previous CES) and Digital Health Summit.  And many write-ups: here is an AARP summary, one from Louis Tenenbaum (Aging in Place 2.0) and another on diabetes and weight loss tech.

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A minor correction to the AARP article. The Silvers Summit began in 2009 (4 years ago). Not 8 years ago as stated in the article. I should know. Susan Ayers Walker and I (SmartSilvers) were the co-producers (the name was my suggestion), as a result a serendipitous meeting with Robin Raskin (Living in Digital Times) at the 2008 CES.