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Ten technology offerings for older adults from CES 2021

CES 2021 – roll the press releases and turn on your computer.  A long time ago, one writer published a charmingly-named CES overview of CES 2012 called CES in Pajamas – an entertaining read with links to 2012 videos just to see what flopped, what was canceled (remember  Microsoft Kinect?) and what/who is still around. Laptops were hot (remember the Ultrabook?) Voice First and the Apple Watch had not emerged.  Oh well. Fast forward to 2021. Pajama-like clothing is the only way to consume the content vastness of this entirely online Consumer Electronics Show with 500 exhibits, 70,000 registered attendees, and 3 full days of sessions, many pre-recorded, some live.  Too many press releases and some odd stuff (a rollable Smart phone?)  Here are a few useful to older adults, alphabetical from firm sites:

AbsoluteAudio’s PYOUR Audio Hearing 2.0. "This comprehensive software suite is built up from a range of proprietary algorithms, destined at restoring speech understanding and best music experience for people suffering from hearing damage or hearing loss. It consists of AAL's unique and unbeaten Advanced Noise Suppression, directionality algorithms, Instantaneous Wide Band Compression and Acoustic Feedback Cancellation. It is the only solution in the market that can support building hearing aids from premium consumer audio components, by pairing high quality hearing performance with extremely low power consumption and low memory usage. Learn more at Absolute Audio.

Aladin Smart Lamp. "A smart lamp that hangs on the wall and anticipates and prevents falls of residents in assisted living and nursing facilities, Aladin uses artificial intelligence (not sensors) to detect changes in motion, temperature, and more. Its automatic lighting, built-in fall detector, and integrated monitoring system not only reduces falls but can decrease the stress on caregivers, allowing high-risk individuals to be independent again." Learn more at Domalys.

CarePredict TouchPoint. "This product is a remote activity monitoring app for seniors. It provides caregivers with continuous insight and increased visibility into their loved one’s well-being. TouchPoint is the companion of another CarePredict product called Tempo, which is a wearable device, similar to a watch or wristband, designed to track subtle changes in a senior’s daily activities and behavior." Learn more at CarePredict.

iCardioGuard. "iCardioGuard detects heart rate and respiration in three seconds, records the measurements and transmits the collected data to a mobile device by Bluetooth. A mobile app then instantly displays the person's physical and psychological states and sends a warning notification when it detects irregularity. It also features ITRI's LPMS (Low Power Microwave Sensor) technology, which passed the FDA-level electromagnetic wave radiation EMC/EMI test by the IEC60601-1/IEC60606-2 regulation."  Learn more at ITRI.

The Core Kit.  "App with sensors that track movement and patterns to provide family members/caregivers with reassurance that things are as they should be, without the use of invasive video cameras or wearable tracking devices. Small, non-intrusive sensors are placed discretely around the home, with insights for early detection of problems and see if there are changes in their eating, sleeping or activity patterns." Learn more at Caregiver Smart Solutions.

FallCall Detect.  "FallCall Detect's breakthrough technology distinguishes between falls with greater force that are more likely to cause injury and falls that occur from a sitting position. If a high-impact all is detected, FallCall's US-based medical monitoring service is automatically contacted* and will send emergency services if needed. If a low-impact fall is detected, only a user's pre-designated support community is contacted. For Apple Watch."  Learn more at FallCall.

ianacare. "The free app serves as a point of coordination for a patient’s family and friend caregivers to organize tasks such as dropping off groceries, picking up medications from the pharmacy, virtual check-ins and emotional connections."  Learn more at ianacare.

MightyHealth. "Mighty Health’s product is focused on three things: live coaching; content focused on nutrition, preventative checkups and workouts; and celebrations that let family members tune into their loved ones’ achievements. The app has inclusivity built into its functionality. Everyday, a user logs in and gets a set of three to five tasks to complete, distributed among nutrition, exercise and workouts."  Learn more at MightyHealth.

Omron VitalSight. "VitalSight may identify warning signs of a heart attack or stroke before they happen. This program is for everyone who takes their overall health seriously and wants to try to prevent a heart attack or stroke. The VitalSight remote patient monitoring program relies upon connected medical devices that enables patients to make a commitment to regular heart health monitoring from the comfort of their homes." Learn more at Omron.

WellBe Medical Alert.  "HandsFree Health, Provider of WellBe®, a secure, HIPAA compliant, voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform, is offering the first fully integrated home health system for seniors to help them age-in-place. WellBe Medical Alert PLUS is an AI-powered system that includes both a voice assistant as well as a sleek smartwatch, connecting users with emergency services with their voice at home or via a watch button when on-the-go." Learn more at HandsFreeHealth.


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