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Who is offering AI in Technology for Older Adults?

AI matters for older adults. Over the last few years, a growing number of applications of AI and machine learning have entered the market of caregiving technology for older adults. Stanford Medicine offers a Partnership in AI-Assisted Care. Projects are underway at the University of Illinois, MIT AgeLab, Georgia Tech, and no doubt other university programs around the US. AI is a fundamental machine-learning element in voice technology, which is here to stay, despite the noisy racket about Amazon.  The AI role in deriving predictive analytics from accumulated data is just beginning to reveal its utility. 

We speak, therefore we are. When 60% of homes in the US have smart speakers of some type, talking to tech is here to stay. And for those a physical disability or those with low or no vision, consider the independence enabled by AI-enabled commands to smart home technology. And the combination of AI, camera, and voice is producing new and empowering capabilities. Here are a few of the offerings in the market today – text is derived from various websites:

Care.ai. "Care facilities need to be responsive, prepared and equipped with technology that continually evolves and adapts. The care.ai Smart Care Facility Platform transforms healthcare settings with powerful AI-enabled automation that improves processes, saves valuable time, reduces costs and eases burdens on care teams so they can focus on delivering the best patient care possible. It uses a neural network of sensors deployed throughout the care facility continuously monitors conditions, learning from behaviors.” Learn more.

Caredaily.ai. "CareDaily is the only brandable AI+IoT platform that provides hero solution providers with their own app store of AI Assistants to care daily for people, places, and things. Senior care solutions providers and communities benefit from a flexible ecosystem of today’s newest hero products to lay the foundation for a truly future-proof strategy. Partners can specify what they want connected and are never locked into any single manufacturer or point-solution." Learn more.

CarePredict. "We are focused on identifying patterns in the daily lives of seniors that can predict declines in their health and enable early intervention. As data scientists, engineers, nurses and physicians, we strive to detect the objective information that make up these patterns, and translate that knowledge into actionable insights for caregivers – from assisted living, memory care and independent living communities to home care. We believe this powerful new set of data and analytics will improve senior care and provide peace of mind to their loved ones." Learn more.

Caspar.ai. "Described as an edge AI platform for safety & health for seniors, Caspar.AI sensors track residents in their apartments and can alert community staff in case a resident is inactive due to a fall. Residents can use voice commands to call for help if needed, it is partnered with Amazon in Alexa for Senior Living. devices including motion and humidity sensors, microphones, thermostats, radar, and automated appliances. All of these feed data about residents’ behavior to Caspar, which uses a number of algorithms to analyze the data so that it gradually learns and adapts to people’s habits and preferences.Learn more.

KamiVision. "With its launch of KamiCare, an artificial intelligence (AI) fall management solution for senior living communities, Kami Vision has announced Fall Detect by KamiCare, the world’s first AI fall detection and assistance system available at home that does not require a wearable or pull alarm. Fall Detect by KamiCare, part of Kami Vision, the computer vision company helps detect and prevent senior fall risk by using affordable vision AI, two-way audio, private verification of incidents and more." Learn more.

SeeingAI (iPhone) And Envision.ai (iOS and Android). "Turning the visual world into an audible experience" – Seeing.ai, founded by a Microsoft research team, is a “talking camera for the blind’  with a smartphone app enables users to point the phone towards something or someone and be told what they are looking at, including objects, faces, text.” Netherlands-based Envision.ai performs those same functions, and it also supports 60 languages." Both useful for people with limited vision as well. Learn more.

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