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2024 UPDATE: Market Overview Technology for Aging Now Available

Refresh required.  Each year, the Technology for Aging Market Overview is revised in January of the new year.  This year, that revision is being published right after CES 2024, which featured multiple offerings of possible utility to older adults, especially those with physical limitations.  The purpose of the document, however, is to aggregate and review trends from 2023 that shape 2024, technology changes that matter, and offer, by category, a sampling of products, services, and sites of relevance to the older adult market.  As such, the report is intended for those businesses (for-profit, non-profit) and services that want and need to serve the older adult segment.

What’s new in this version of the report? Most everything. Every line in this Market Overview has been reviewed and updated to reflect the latest available links, trends, demographic data about older adults, policy changes, new products, as well as inclusion of available data about what tech they own and/or prefer. In addition, 30 entrants have been added to the index of companies.

AI is and will be everywhere – in full view and embedded in devices and software.  From the launch of ChatGPT in 2022, throughout 2023 the software industry was full of announcements, all AI, all the time. CES 2024 also offered AI everywhere and in nearly every announcement. In 2024, AI will likely be everywhere and all around, from tech where it is embedded to AI-centric devices and services, including the emergence of AI in professional care work, back office senior care, and the home-based support of older adults.

Please take a look, forwarding the link if appropriate, and offer any feedback to help improve this and future versions: 

2024 Market Overview Technology for Aging