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Five offerings for technology for aging in place -- Not startups -- Sept-October 2014

Startup mania is one thing -- but bigger companies like tech too.  AARP has a Longevity Network to encourage startups and an updated market overview report --  and funds are blossoming -- see Linkage Ventures and Aging 2.0. Then there's the StartUp Health billions and billions, and RockHealth (more billions) -- yada yada yada.  With all of that money flowing and hype flowering around startup wannabes, who knows what other incubators, accelerators, and motivators in 2015 are ahead? The new year starts off at CES in Las Vegas -- will it bring new companies to light that are focused on seniors? Meanwhile way back here in what's left of 2014, a number of firms that are NOT startups by any definition have recently announced new offerings -- each of these acknowledges and encourages seniors to use cell phone, tablet, and smartphone technology today.  List is alphabetical, and all content is taken from press announcements and/or the organizations' own websites.  

AT&T Extends Digital Life Service to Elder Care.  In September,  "AT&T announced plans to expand its home security and automation service, called Digital Life, to include elderly care. AT&T has positioned Digital Life as a platform for future smart home services. It includes home security and monitoring, as well as automation elements like lights that can be controlled via your iPad. Digital Life Care represents a natural extension with monitoring services and additional devices. The company plans to hold trials this year in Atlanta and Dallas, with an eye toward commercial availability next year."

Consumer Cellular Offers the iPhone 6 and EasyPay. Beginning in September, "Consumer Cellular began offering new iPhone models on its own website and via its US-based Customer Contact Centers. iPhone 6 will be available starting at $150 upfront plus $25 per-month for 20 months for the 16GB model and iPhone 6 Plus will be available starting at $200 upfront plus $25 per-month for 22 months for the 16GB model. Both models will be available for sale with Consumer Cellular’s popular EasyPay program. Consumer Cellular will allow iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus customers to connect to its 4G LTE network."

GreatCall Mobile Health Solutions Offered at Rite Aid. On October 15, "GreatCall announced that its suite of connected health and safety products and services is available in more than 4,000 Rite Aid pharmacies nationwide. By offering mobile health solutions in-store and integrating their wellness initiatives at Rite Aid pharmacies, GreatCall is transforming health care for the way we age today. The companies’ shared commitment to wellness aligns at a number of levels, from the Rite Aid pharmacy app that comes preloaded on all Touch3 smartphones sold at Rite Aid to a much broader focus on the 65+ market – and the collateral and outreach to support it."

Sprint Active Senior ID Pack. Starting in September, "the Active Senior ID pack is a resource that helps eliminate the confusion that comes with searching Google Play’s seemingly endless amount of applications, while presenting a package of apps, completely free of charge, that are tailored for users ages 55 and up. With a single click that aims to help simplify, organize and provide tools to the active senior, this collection of free apps, can be downloaded to select Sprint or Boost Mobile Android smartphones. Sprint ID packs are bundles of applications that allow users to easily and quickly customize their Android devices based on specific needs and interests. The Active Senior Sprint ID pack’s bundle of applications was chosen with the help of several organizations focused on seniors including AARP."

Walmart makes the AARP RealPad available. "RealPad is the first tablet PC that makes it easy for everyone to go digital. It's packed with built-in apps and tools, offers all the help you need and is priced so low it's hard to resist — so why would you? Powered by an Intel processor, RealPad is designed to make using technology an enjoyable, easy and affordable experience especially for people aged 50 and older who are still wary or apprehensive about using tablet technology. Called RealPad, it’s bigger than a smartphone yet smaller than a laptop computer. The tablet was designed with tech-shy people in mind, AARP says, making it easy for them to keep in touch with family and friends — including their grandkids, for whom the art of letter writing is often a lost cause."


I haven't written before but I thought it was time (well over due, actually). I just wanted to say thanks for what you do in curating all this. Just when I think I have some 'scoop' on aging tech, I check over here and you already have it most times. Keep up the great work! - Joe