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Catching up – more new and notable tech offerings

It’s time for a quick August update of more new and notable tech offerings, from emerging vendors and new offerings from existing vendors – including beta testing.  Please let me know about others you know about and are not spotted via the Product Snapshots term on this site:

Eldersync (eldersync.com):  This new Boston startup is in beta testing now, “hopes to be a dashboard for everyone in an aging person's life: professional caregivers manage schedules and time tracking, family members and caregivers can leave notes and communicate (securely) with just about any device, home health devices can sync to the site, doctors and professionals can share information -- an ecosystem for coordination of care.” David Bernick, CTO and Co-Founder.

WellAWARE (wellawaresystems.com): The Richmond, VA (new headquarters) is partnering with Good Samaritans in a study of effectiveness of remote monitoring encompassing 1600 individuals in 40 cities across the US. “WellAWARE will be in 800 of the units, with the other 800 as a control group. The goal of the study is to determine well-being, including evaluating sleep quality which is a major contributor to falls, with and without this monitoring.” Jeff Noce, CEO.

GrandCare Systems (grandcaresystems.com): GrandCare Systems has just launched HomeBase as an entry point “communication, socialization, webcam touch panel for sharing pictures, video, email, calendaring – and some dealers have included a concierge service request. Pricing is substantially lower than their primary product.  Sensors can be integrated at a later point.” Charles Hillman, CEO.

Philips Applied Technology (philips.com): This would seem to be a big deal for Philips' own product line -- according to Philips: "The small footprint ZigBee design connects to portable, mobile and fixed products, eliminating physical cables like Ethernet. Devices have very low power consumption for long battery life of up to several years, depending on the device itself, with the mesh network design ensuring reliable coverage over a wide area. The platform offers all the communication components needed to make a complete Home Use Medical Device, including an embedded hub ‘manager’." Paul van Schendel, SVP, Philips Applied Technologies.

More in the pipeline, launching and/or announcing soon.


Hi Laurie, As Always- thanks for your postings and exposure in this aging & technology industry. A few exciting Aging/Technology Showcases are coming up: A number of our aging/technology products will be showcased at CEDIA in Atlanta - Sept 23 - 26. We will be exhibiting together in a home health pavilion, and many of our products will also be exhibited within a tech demonstration home. There will be various educational sessions on the industry as a whole and a 2 hour home health panel with representatives from GrandCare Systems, Home Controls, Presto! and It's Never 2 Late. We will also be hosting an aging technology alliance meet and greet on Wednesday evening in Atlanta (open to all - don't need to be going to CEDIA to join us). Also, AgeTek members get a special discount to participate in the AgeTek Pavilion at AARP in Orlando this year: Sept 30 - Oct 2.

  • Philips is one of the original inventors and promoters of Zigbee technology and one of the leading members of the Zigbee Alliance.

  • Philips also is one of the founders and leading companies in the Continua Health Alliance, which has endorsed Zigbee as key technology for low power sensor networks.

  • At Home Monitoring, we do not yet have a Zigbee integration that we can announce, but we are certainly actively looking at Zigbee as one of our options for future product and service architectures.

  • The Zigbee Reference Design, as announced by Philips Applied Technologies, confirms the Philips competence with respect to Zigbee technology. The product and service architecture work at Home Monitoring referenced above is carried out in collaboration with Philips Applied Technologies

  • Some of the key benefits of Zigbee are the low power characteristics, corresponding to longer battery lifetime for Zigbee devices, and the built-in sensor networking capabilities.

  • Additional sources of more detailed information on Zigbee include the Wikipedia page and a White Paper from the Zigbee Alliance on the choice of wireless frequencies and their coexistence with other wireless radio applications.