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Five technologies for older adults -- 2023 wrap-up (2 of 2)

The pace of innovation in tech for older adults accelerated in 2023.  New product announcements, incubators/accelerators, government grants (see NIA) seem to be multiplying. Companies emerged or announced updates addressing dementia care. The concept of an AI Caregiver to augment limited staffing took on new significance as the crisis in care work worsened throughout the year. Senior living organizations showed signs of accelerating tech adoption, particularly in areas of AI for remote monitoring and safety. The time is right for engaging with an AI-powered avatar for health advice, including assisting with fall prevention. Here are five more from 2023, all text from the company websites. More to come after CES 2024 begins:

IvedaCare. "Movement Interactive, powered by Iveda, has delivered on a $200,000 contract with Waymark Gardens, effectively supporting hundreds of residents aging in place with AI and IoT-enabled telehealth and fall detection technology. By delivering IvedaAI™ appliance hardware and software as well as 150 HIPAA-compliant IvedaCare kits, outfitted with IvedaAI and Iveda’s proprietary IoT-enabled sensors and devices, the contract will support the ongoing care and safety of patients residing within Waymark Gardens’ facilities. This sale and installation of IvedaCare is on the heels of an eight-year Veteran Affairs contract worth $1.032 billion; this win will showcase Iveda and the IvedaCare product as a viable solution for roughly 4,000 additional care facilities across the country covered by the Veteran Affairs contract."  Learn more at Iveda Care.

OneStep.  "OneStep helps enhance senior care by providing real-time patient insight and automated risk status notifications so that clinicians can deliver the most proactive care possible – preventing falls and improving health outcomes. Building upon its clinical success, OneStep is now working with hundreds of SNFs across the US. The program aims to reduce falls and offer insight into factors contributing to increased fall occurrences.  OneStep’s technology works from any smartphone, capturing ongoing gait and mobility data that helps establish baselines and longitudinal patient data. OneStep's clinician app collects key gait measurements during a simple 30-second walk, without any extra wearables or equipment." Learn more at OneStep.

RubyWell. "If you help a loved one stay safe and healthy, you're a family caregiver. And your work is valuable. RubyWell helps all family caregivers save and make money, so you can regain financial stability and focus on caring. From Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits to savings on your prescription drugs, we will help you reduce your daily out-of-pocket expenses by finding validated ways to save. A little extra money in your pocket can go a long way." Learn more at RubyWell.

Storii. "Invite friends and family to connect with you on Storii and collaborate from anywhere around the world! Connected friends and family members can receive text message notifications when a new question has been answered. You can also share links to your responses so loved ones can view them. You don't require internet access to connect with your loved ones! Individuals using a landline phone to record answers can also invite their loved ones to receive all their recordings. When calling in to record stories, they will have an option to invite loved ones to receive their stories by entering their phone number.”  Learn more at Storii.

TapestryHealth. “Who watches over your patients when you cannot? We do. With Tapestry, post-acute facilities can leverage our suite of technology solutions to create an integrated 24/7 safety net wrapped around each resident. Our intuitive technology enables quick identification of the ‘vital few’ requiring attention from the often ‘overwhelming many’, empowering providers to take proactive measures to reduce readmissions and improve care. We can offer a complete solution or fill in missing pieces from an already implemented program.” Learn more at TapestryHealth.